Luke Bryan’s “What Makes You Country” EXCLUSIVE photo gallery & concert review!

February 18th, 2018, a cold Sunday night in Louisville Kentucky. Sounds like a typical winter day to your average person but it was far from that. Luke Bryan brought his “What Makes You Country” tour to the KFC Yum Center and this time he brought along side his buddies Kip Moore, and The Cadillac Three. This tour has had the anticipation of thousands of fans not just in Louisville but across America.

At 7 pm sharp the lights go down and the blue neon lights cast over the stage as The Cadillac Three wave as they file into spot one at a time. Kicking off the night on the “What Makes You Country” tour. TC3 had set the bar for the night and it was high. The twang in Singer-guitarist Jaren Johnston brings to the stage is unparallel. Drummer Neil Mason makes his thunder hitting drumming seems carefree with ease. Last but not least rounding out the trio; lap-steel player Kelby Ray. The steel it’s self seems as a dying breed in country music and The Cadillac Three are proud to be keeping tradition alive. The southern rock/country band brings a authentic down home twang that quite frankly gives them a cutting edge on any band. That makes them the perfect addition to the “What Makes You Country Tour”.


23Johnston dedicating “White Lighting” to his new born son Jude that was side stage with his wife brought an “awe” across the arena as he had everyone wave at Jude and Jude attempting best he could to wave back. Other hit songs like “Tennessee Mojo”, and the biggest song of theirs to date “It’s All About The South” were performed with Johnston getting into the harmony burning the strings up on his guitar it was deafening all around with the wonders of music.

The Cadillac Three isn’t your typical trio band; they’re their own breed, their own persons. Taken from their website: “We’re trying to build something and do it our way, which is always harder,” says Johnston. “If you’re going to leave something that people are actually going to remember, you can’t take the easy way. So we took all of our history, mixed it with the energy of The Cadillac Three and put it into a record that makes sense of where we’ve been and where we’re going.” Part in talking about their latest album “Legacy” part in talking about themselves. That’s how to know what to expect when seeing them live, a honky tonk showdown.

33The night continues with another country artist that has an incredible fan base and has song writing abilities that engulf listeners with emotion. Kip Moore and The Slow Hearts Band takes to the stage and builds the hype that The Cadillac Three had stirred up. Kip Moore’s earthy voice takes to the mic and sets the environment with “Plead The Fifth”. Moore has to keep himself in excellent shape to be able to run around the stage jump up on boxes to be closer to the fans and run the catwalk while singing. Moore even went further to excite fans as he jump off the 6 foot tall stage to the floor and continued to sing as he made his way through the ocean of fans giving high fives along the way. He came to a stopping point and climbed atop a box and sung into the recording phones shining all around him individually.

To see a huge artist such as Moore give the fans the best of him is where he excels every night on every stage. “Beer Money”,”Something about a truck” ,”Hey Pretty Girl” are among the many songs Kip Moore performed that night and with Kip, the hits will continue to keep coming.

It was a lot to try to top, creating such a star studded lineup and have to go on last after TC3 and Moore has lit the place is hard. But Luke Bryan wasn’t going to leave Louisville until he burned the place down. With a cover over the stage and a cover over the end of the catwalk no one knew really where Luke was going to make his grand appearance. For the sake of not ruining things, I won’ give it away either. The entire arena was electrified with the sight of Luke Bryan in his flannel and acoustic strapped on ready to give it all he had.

6Luke came onto stage and kicked off the night in grand fashion with “Huntin’ Fishin’ and Lovin’ Everyday”. Seems only fitting as his tour is titled “What Makes You Country”. Hands in the air, some hands cupping beers in the air but thousands singing along to every word, to every song, all night. For an artist to have such dedicated fans is truly remarkable. Remarkable could also be how Luke can perform on stage and the fans go wild. Craving more and more, from the women who love to see Luke close up and his dance moves to the guys holding their beers singing “All My Friends Say” because they’ve lived that story before.16

Luke Bryan brings a passion that is truly unique to his show and a guitar case loaded with hits like “Drink A Beer”, and “Light It Up”. A more slower and more down home tune “Most People Are Good” is his latest single, finding a special place in fans hearts as they take in the lyrics of the song. Luke was on fire with his earthy vocals and guitar playing, and im sure his dancing wooed many women’s hearts.

This was one of the best concerts I’ve had the chance to see live and it being my third show of Luke Bryan I can say without a doubt he never ceases to give it all to the fans. He is a natural entertainer and one day he will have his name in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Check out: for tour information, tickets, new, and updates. If “What Makes You Country Tour” is coming to town, get your tickets before they sell out because its a once in a lifetime tour.

4 thoughts on “Luke Bryan’s “What Makes You Country” EXCLUSIVE photo gallery & concert review!

  1. I enjoyed this article and wishing i could have been at this concert. These are excellent photos that was captured of Luke Byran. I had the pleasure of getting to go to his farm tour in Lexington Kentucky. KIP MOORE he is also a hunk and i like his music. Pics are great!!!!!


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