Charlie Edward Debut Track “Broken Side”

LONDON, ONTARIO – Charlie Edward is a 21-year-old young gun and ROCK n ROLL was what this kid was born to do and his debut release “Broken Side” unequivocally shows he is a master at his craft.

After some time in LA working with Foreigners’ Jeff Pilson, Edward came to Toronto to write with Leon Harrison (founder of Bandwagon and singer of The Lazys). He soon became a name that many wanted to work with. So far he has worked with Garth Richardson (Rage Against the Machine), and Colin MacDonald (The Trews). This debut release “Broken Side” marks Edward’s beginning of a very promising solo career. 

Usually seen on the sidelines playing lead guitar for other acts or writing music in private, Edward decided to take a risk and put it all out there after some encouragement from fellow musicians in California. 

He may be small, but this kid will SET YOU STRAIGHT with his wide vocal range and monster guitar tones.

“Broken Side” is about a loss of love, and not wanting to dwell on that or waste any time being sad. Being ready to let go.” – Charlie Edward

Charlie Edward Website:





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