Cody Brooks ”First World Problems” Album Review

Cody Brooks displays his hard hitting musical style in his musical debut ”First World Problems”. A ten track album that showcases Brooks ability to change your mood and mindset song after song with his captivating lyrics and unique instrumental blend to bring each song to a level not easily obtainable.

Cody Brooks style is hard to label as he delivers Gutbucket blues. Gypsy jazz. Back porch rock & roll styles in dynamic that sets him apart in an era of the last of his kind. his eccentric personality gives listeners like myself excitement wondering what story Cody has poured onto paper and brought to life.

Inspired by the likes of Tommy Dorsey, Robert Johnson, Hank Snow, Son House, Jimi Hendrix; Cody leads into the album full force with heavy hitting and wild “Scream”, setting the mood for what’s to come like my personal favorite “Stay Gone”.

“You ain’t a fool, and if I’m saying were through, then the only thing to do when you leave is stay gone

I gotta do what i know I need do what I know I gotta do what your thinking”(STAY GONE)

1- Scream

2- First World Problems

3- Real Man

4- Stay Gone

5- Beware

6- Brave

7- Dirty

8- Shake It

9- Snake In The Kitchen

10- Sunny Days

“We wanted this record to shake the jaded,” says Brooks, who — along with Coomer — plays
nearly every instrument on the record. “We didn’t want to sound safe. We’d run a cheap blues
guitar through a hot amp to get an overblown sound, and we’d shake Ken’s entire trunk of
percussion instruments to make this incredibly aggressive, trashy drum sound. We were
embracing the songs, and we were embracing noise, too.”

Cody Spared no expense to deliver an album that was out of his comfort zone to push the envelope on grungy jazz blues rock combination that catches your ear and leaves you hitting repeat. from start to finish this album has something for everyone, guitar riffs, distorted overblown sounds, and ultimately lyrically strong tunes encompasses this project. As Cody premiers his talents to the world, ”First World Problems” we can be sure that this is the budding of a bright and action packed musical journey ahead of him.