Music Review: Craig Campbell #NewMusicMonday takes it to facebook for fan input

Country Music Singer/Songwriter Craig Campbell posted a new song to Facebook today and hashtagged it as #NewMusicMonday. The song is titled “Outskirts Of Heaven” and just the title gives me chills enough that I don’t have to listen to it to know its a good un! Well that and the fact that it is by Craig Campbell! Craig mentions that every now and again on a Monday he will be dropping in to play a new song and share it with his fans. He would then also ask the fans for there opinions on the song and if it gets pretty good feedback it may go on the next album.

No doubt about it that this song should go on that next album. As of 10:54 PM “Outskirts of Heaven” has received over 1,035 likes and over 400 shares on Facebook! The song begins with Craig singing about his grandfather teaching him about shotguns, fishing, driving a stickshift and about the bible and making sure there’s life after this. It is definitely a true country anthem as Craig sings about wanting to live on the outskirts of heaven and wanting to trade a mansion for an old farmhouse and golden streets for dirt roads and everything else country. I highly recommend that you go over to Craig’s facebook and let him know what you think of his newest masterpiece and that you want to hear it on his next album! Please visit: Craig Campbell on Facebook!!

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