Artist Of The Week: Michael Mcmeel

Michael Mcmeel has done a little bit of everything in his career. Hes The Former drummer for the Band Three Dog Night. Where he toured with them world wide. The two albums he recorded with them are “American Pastime” and “Coming down your way”. He Also Starred in the Brady Bunch Variety Hour. He starred in The New Krofft Super show. You might remember him … Continue reading Artist Of The Week: Michael Mcmeel

Artist of the Week: NF

Nate Feuerstein formerly known as NF is a Christian hip-hop artist from Michigan. Nate’s lyrics and his feelings are what his four albums are jam packed with. “I’ve never been a preacher type artist. I’ve always been like raw emotion. This is how I deal with things. This is a therapy session” Nate says. “I write to beats…the beat brings out the emotions that I’m … Continue reading Artist of the Week: NF