CD Review: Lotus Crush “Rabbit Hole”


Lotus Crush is a Seattle-based band fronted by Scottish-born Terry McDermott. McDermott was featured on the 3rd season of NBC’s ‘The Voice” and finished runner up. This past year, Lotus Crush released their second album Rabbit Hole. This is their first album release since their 2011 debut release Half Light Morning. Lotus Crush members include Island Styles, Peter Klett (of Candlebox), Mark Mattrey, and Ehssan Karimi.

Rabbit Hole is jam packed with meaningful lyrics, rocking instrumentals, and amazing vocals! The songs from this album can be related to many recent worldwide events and topics that are commonly debated.

Terry and the guys deliver with gusto in this album with songs in which you can crank up and rock out, or sit back and pick apart the lyricism. Lotus Crush gets deep and thought provoking on Rabbit Hole, beginning with a hard, pounding song titled “Death from Above”. It requires maximum volume on your stereo and don’t bother turning it down because “Hearts and Minds” will require the same level of intensity. Rabbit Hole will take you on a roller coaster of emotions though their heartfelt lyrics and powerful vocals. “All the Same”, “Come Away”, “Last Days” and “Hold On” are guaranteed to make it difficult to pick a favorite. However, if I had to pick a song to put on repeat, it would be “All the Same.” I found it a relaxing listen in the wake of so much blame being placed on ethnic groups, orientations, race, etc. in the world at the moment. The lyrics “We are all the same. There’s no one else to blame.” Hit a strong note of truth regarding the state of things.

There isn’t a weak track on the album and it offers listeners everything from each end of the spectrum. Whether it be a song that evokes having a good time and rocking on, or a song to remind us to love one another and be kind; it can be found on Rabbit Hole.

I had the pleasure about a year ago of witnessing Terry’s live acoustic performance. He entertained a small crowd in the intimate setting of the Thompson House located in Newport, Kentucky. Terry poured his heart and soul into his live performance as he entertained all in attendance. I can’t imagine the energy put into a complete Lotus Crush show after listening to the album and knowing what kind of performer Terry is on stage.

Remember the name Terry McDermott and Lotus Crush as they continue to grow in their popularity. He surrounds himself with talented musicians and compliments this talent with his wide vocal range and energy.

Rabbit Hole is available on Cavigold Records and can be purchased through iTunes.

Written By: Jason Evans

“Rabbit Hole” Track Listing:

Death From Above

Hearts And Minds

Blood In The Water

Heavens Hell

Come Away

I Potest Non Spirant

Last Days

All The Same

On And On

Hold On

Bye Bye

Connect with Lotus Crush online:

Official Website




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