CD Review: Brothers Osborne to release debut album “Pawn Shop”

Photo Credit: Jim Wright

Brothers Osborne will be releasing their long awaited debut album “Pawn Shop”, January 15, 2016 on EMI Records, Nashville. TJ Osborne fronts the duo while John Osborne lays down some amazing guitar licks. Brothers Osborne, having already released two hit singles from their album, has garnered attention for their work. Their first released single, titled “Rum”, entices the listener to take it easy and maybe grab a drink. The second single release proved to be an even bigger hit for Brothers Osborne. “Stay a Little Longer” was recently named one of Rolling Stone’s top 25 country songs of 2015. In my listening experience, “Stay A Little Longer” has been one of the most covered songs at shows which I’ve attended. Additional single releases are expected from Pawn Shop.

Much like a weekend trip to the variety store, the appropriately titled album offers up a variety of country lyrics, catchy rhythms, and unforgettable instrumentals courtesy of the electric guitar and blues-rooted slide guitar. Pawn Shop begins with a toe-tapping beat you won’t soon forget in the song “Dirt Rich”. It’s followed by the sultry “21 Summer” that will certainly make the listener reminisce to their favorite summer memory of a significant other. The title track of the album, “Pawn Shop”, makes the listener sing the blues with its pounding rhythm and heartfelt vocals about purchasing guns, guitars, and other pawnshop treasures.

Photo Credit: Jim Wright

Ushering in the outlaw sound of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Paycheck, Kris Kristofferson and others. “Greener Pastures” is a traditional country song that croons of praying, drinking and getting stoned. You’ll find yourself absorbed in a foot-stomping, knee-slapping Folsom Prison while listening. Let Brothers Osborne take you on a road trip to a coastal beach party or a blithe freeway jaunt with “American Crazy”. It will quickly become your road trip go-to track from Pawn Shop.

This album is mature for a debut, with the musical ability and talent of Brothers Osborne showcased in a way that is typically reserved for a sophomore or junior album. When it comes to selecting singIes for radio play, the task proves rather daunting, as Brothers Osborne have collaborated with some amazing songwriters on the album. I will leave you with the conclusions about the album:

1.) Pawn Shop begs to be released on vinyl and I hope to see the 180 gram hit the shelves!

2.) This is one CD that will remain in the player of your car for many, many miles.

3.) You will wonder what is next to come for Brothers Osborne!


Check out these upcoming Brothers Osborne Ohio/Indiana tour dates:

1/7/16 The Egyptian Room-Indianapolis, IN

1/8/16 The House Of Blues-Cleveland, OH

7/9/16 Country Concert 16 at Fort Loramie, OH


 Pawn Shop Track Listing:

1. Dirt Rich (John Osborne, TJ Osborne and Barry Dean)
2. 21 Summer (John Osborne, TJ Osborne and Craig Wiseman)
3. Stay A Little Longer (John Osborne, TJ Osborne and Shane McAnally)
4. Pawn Shop (John Osborne, TJ Osborne and Sean McConnell)
5. Rum (John Osborne, TJ Osborne and Barry Dean)
6. Loving Me Back (John Osborne, TJ Osborne and Casey Beathard)
7. American Crazy (John Osborne, TJ Osborne and Ross Copperman)
8. Greener Pastures (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris)
9. Down Home (John Osborne, TJ Osborne and Jessi Alexander)
10. Heart Shaped Locket (TJ Osborne, Lisa Carver and Andi Zack)
11. It Ain’t My Fault (John Osborne, TJ Osborne and Lee Thomas Miller)

All photos courtesy of Brothers Osborne and Jim Wright

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