Air Supply Brings the Love to Van Wert, OH with a Sold Out Performance at the Niswonger Performing Arts Center

20160206-IMG_0091.jpgOn Saturday, February 6th 2016, Air Supply performed for a sold out crowd at the Niswonger Performing Arts Center in Van Wert, Ohio. Fans lined up early inside the PAC; eagerly awaiting with smiles to witness Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock take the stage. The Australian soft rock duo was promptly introduced at 7:30. They were backed by experienced musicians including Jonni Lightfoot on bass, Amir Efrat on keys, Aaron Mclain on lead guitar, and Aviv Cohen on drums. Aaron McClain captivated the audience with every finessed guitar solo. Russell and Graham, with their unfailing vocals and showmanship, complimented each other throughout the performance. The night was filled with class and appreciation. The band paid respects not only to the venue, and the fans; but all those working behind the scenes.20160206-IMG_0154

The setlist included many of Air Supply’s love songs including but not limited to, “Every Woman In The World”, “Here I Am”, “Two Less Lonely People in the World”, and “The One That You Love”. The newest release from Air Supply is a song titled “I Adore You”. Hitchcock told the audience, “Not only is this a love song, but it is a great love story as well”. It’s is an expression of love that only Air Supply can render. In addition to the classics, Graham Russell recited for the crowd a poem, titled “Impossible”. It was followed by a solo acoustic performance of “Son of the Father”. Graham shared with the audience his love for poetry, which he developed at the age of ten having been the only boy in a poetry class with thirty-three girls.

20160206-IMG_0072Graham and Hitchcock took turns working the stage as they entertained the crowd and tugged on the heartstrings of everyone at the show. Graham asked, “Are you in a romantic mood tonight?” The audience responded in applause as he followed with, “Are there any Buckeye fans in the crowd tonight?” Graham mentioned that he had once attended an Ohio State game. The highlight of Saturday night’s performance took concertgoers by surprise when Graham and Hitchcock walked into the crowd singing “The One That You Love”. As Graham walked the aisles serenading, Hitchcock would shake hands and give hugs whilst belting out vocals. The audience was on their feet as the duo returned to the stage and joined Graham and Hitchcock for the chorus of “The One That You Love”.20160206-IMG_0131

Audience participation was in overdrive and singing with the band was infectious! Air Supply finished their set with power ballad, “Making Love Out of Nothing at All”. As to be expected with a setlist’s closing song, the audience was on their feet and migrating toward the stage. Naturally, they further applauded Graham and Hitchcock in hopes of an encore.

Encore they did! Returning to the stage with the funky, “Desert Sea Sky”; the band gave the audience an unexpected change of pace from the love-saturated evening. Graham and Hitchcock kept things upbeat with “Shake It”. In closing, the unmistakable guitar introduction to “All Out of Love” had the crowd instantly out of their seats. The night ended, as it should, with a standing ovation for Graham Russell, Russell Hitchcock and the band’s outstanding musicianship.

I would like to commend the staff of the Niswonger PAC as they were all extremely friendly and welcoming. They treat their guests like family and I must say that the fans and the performers fed off each other’s energy. This crowd was definitely not disappointed!

Don’t miss Air Supply as they continue delivering their message of love from city to city! Visit for merchandise, tour dates and more! Ticket prices for this show ranged from $30-$60 at the Niswonger Performing Arts Center of Van Wert, OH. The venue is a 1200 capacity venue that hosts concerts, plays, musicals and more. Check out for more information on upcoming shows.


Enjoy these Photos below from the performance but please do not copy, use or alter images in any way without prior approval. Photos are copyright JEvansPhotos

Setlist / Niswonger PAC / 2-6-16

Sweet Dreams

Even the Nights Are Better

Just As I Am

Every Woman in the World
Here I Am
I Adore You
Son of the Father
(Graham Russell solo)
Two Less Lonely People in the World
The One That You Love
Lost in Love
Making Love Out of Nothing at All


Desert Sea Sky
Shake it
All Out of Love

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