Duo Alexander Jean Performs at Pub Rock

Head High Tour Sponsored by Nicorette® and NicoDerm® CQ®

With: Song River

A hungry growl for something raw, gutsy, and wanton radiates from singer-songwriting duo Mark Ballas (of Dancing With the Stars) and BC Jean (songwriter of Beyonce’s worldwide hit, “If I Were A Boy”). Together Mark and BC are the ‘heartbreaking thieves’ known as Alexander Jean.

On June 18th, Alexander Jean in the heat of a Phoenix, Arizona high of 111, melted the room as they performed at Pub Rock.  Fans came early to the meet and greet and as Mark and BC pulled up outside the venue, their adoring buffs were already clamoring to just breath in the ultimate in coolness. Giving each and every fan their full attention, Mark and BC genuinely come across as just nice, laid back people. Chatting with each fan, taking selfies, and giving warm smiles and hugs created an open bond that filled the evening and complimented great tunes.

BC Jean of Alexander Jean

Alexander Jean are touring in support of their new EP just released called, Head High. It is on their Head High Tour, sponsored by Nicorette® and NicoDerm® CQ®, that Mark and JC are showcasing who they both are as performers.  They wanted to create something that was outside who they were already known for, as Mark had relayed this project is the two of them together, Alexander Jean is an organic and raw mix meant to be exactly what it is… acoustic rock and blues.

As their number one hit, “Roses And Violets” debuted on iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart at #1 and #6 on iTunes’ Overall Chart Alexander Jean teamed up with Nicorette® and NicoDerm® CQ® because Mark had been a smoker and it was through CQ that he was able to overcome. Being smoke-free for over two years Mark shared how being smoke-free had made a huge difference in his life.  Jointly he and BC wanted to help inspire others to live a smoke-free life and give those trying to quit the right support and resources.

There is a lit dynamite stick of classic blues and soulful rock whether the listener is spinning Alexander Jean’s new EP or they are dancing and moving to their live performances. Spinning the tunes from their EP, Head High. Alexander Jean performed “Thief” and everyone in the audience sang along. BC and Mark bantered back and forth in between songs and just before they played, “Whiskey and Morphine” BC left the stage and came back with two shots, of course, one for her and one for him. Unknown-7As their personal reflective song, “Roses and Violets,” was next on their performance list to play Mark explained how this number was really the heart and soul of his and BC’s relationship.
Sparks fly between Mark and BC as they performed, “So Bad.” The chemistry between them both and the seductive moves of confidence emanate from the animalistic pit and soul of BC, the whole room is hot. Dancing this show to its full acclamation and showcasing the depth of Mark’s guitar work, he brought the strings to their fullest tilt and landed their song, “Run,” to a crowd satiated by the complexity and artistry of Alexander Jean.

Mark Ballas: Alexander Jean

As the heat dissipated and Alexander Jean closed this acoustic session they stayed around well after their closing set time and mingled with their fans. A genuine intimate affair was had.

Mark and BC are a natural infusion. Their chemistry on and off stage is genuine and their fans know it. Their emergence is effective in creating notable melodies allowing for honest music because that is who they both are as people and as a collective.

All photos credit to: Song River

Writer: Song River

More Information on Alexander Jean:

YouTube,  Alexander Jean,  Twitter




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