The Temperance Movement Takes Columbus, Ohio!

Get ready to rock, Columbus! British Rock Band The Temperance Movement will be appearing at the A&R Music Bar with support from The Stone Foxes on July 22 at 8:00 PM. The Temperance Movement has kept a busy schedule touring in the UK, Europe, Canada, and the US! They are on the road promoting their latest album, White Bear, which is a truly divine rock and roll record. I spoke with guitarist Paul Sayer about the album and the bands’ remaining time on tour.

The Temperance Movement / Shoreditch / Shot by Rob Blackham /Earache Records

Q: Hi Paul! Great to hear from you! You guys have been on the road for a while now! You’ve been to Europe and you’re currently in the US until the end of this month, correct?

A: Yes, that’s correct.

Q: How was the European leg of your tour?

A: It was awesome! I guess we were in the UK and in Europe around the time the album came out. Then we came to Canada. We’re kind of on our second go around!

Q: When I was listening to the album White Bear, the first thought that jumped out at me was that every track on the album was reproducible. Do you pride yourselves in being a live band?

A: Yes! I think the thing about that the approach in the studio is much different than how we do a show. We record as a band when we work the tracks in the studio. The second record, definitely 80-90% of it, is recorded live.

Q: The blues influence is heavy in your music. Who are some of the influences on your guitar style?

A: I guess I’m like most people who get into guitar. I would get really into certain people. You take what you can or what you want to from those people. I would say, Freddie King and Eric Clapton. There are many others as well. There are two sides to it – one side from raiding my dad’s record collection and then the other being a teenager listening to Radiohead.

Q: How does the US version of White Bear differ from the UK version?

A: That’s a good question and I’m not entire sure actually! I think there were a few more tracks on the US version. I think partly because the US had to wait an extra six months and partly because the [extra] tracks went to iTunes in Europe. We thought, well why not include all of them. You all got everything!

Q: As I was listening, I was trying to compare your sound to another band. The one that kept coming to mind was Pearl Jam, so I hope you take that as a compliment!

A: Yeah! We definitely take that as a compliment! You know what, they’re a band that we have talked about a lot and I know that the guys in the band are all fans. We’re kind of aware of everyone’s influences. You’ll hear that in there because they’re [Pearl Jam] a band that we’ve all listened to.

Q: Is “Three Bulleits” a whiskey reference?

A: Haha! It absolutely is!

Q: I think the track “Time Won’t Leave” is proof that you guys can write ballads!

A: Thanks! Yeah, that’s one that isn’t on the UK record. You know, maybe with the European version of the album we wanted to keep it tighter…maybe.

Q: What’s next this summer for you guys?

A: We’ll be returning to Europe after our US tour and playing some festivals there. We’re coming back to the US in September and we’ll be supporting The Revivalists on their tour. Then, we’ll be doing our own tour within the US again.

For more information regarding remaining tour dates, check out The Temperance Movement’s Official Website! You can also stay up to date with the bands’ latest happenings through Twitter and Facebook!

Photo: Rob Blackham

Writer: Amanda Knight

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