Out Came the Wolves – Interview with Cameron Burns, concert photos and new music video!

Interview with Cameron Burns of Out Came the Wolves

With Song River


SR: Cameron, you’ve been able to take on both clean and screaming vocals.  When performing live are you taking on both as well? 


Cameron Burns: Yeah, it wasn’t an easy task to take on. Before all I did was scream. I have always wanted to sing but it was something I had never thought I could do.

We tried a lot of new things while working on this upcoming record and I am super stoked on how it turned out. I am always working to better my voice any chance I get. As for live. Yes, I tackle screaming and clean singing.

SR: How do you handle that switch happen back and forth? Is it hard on your vocal chords in particular? 


CB: I do a lot of vocal training and exercises to keep my voice in check. It’s just like any other muscle. You have to train and train and warm it up. For me it’s not hard to switch between each style of singing.

SR:  Your social media is very active on Twitter.  Does this seem to be the best avenue for you all?


CB: Yeah, Twitter is fucking awesome

SR: Your new releases “96” and “Queen Mary” are both very strong visual theatricals in lyrical/sound content and presentation.  Has this been a notable forward motion of maturity and direction for OCTW? 

CB: Yeah I can definitely say that it has been a huge step forward for us. Working on this album and finding out new things about ourselves has been a great experience.

SR: On June 10th you did a kick off of sorts in your hometown of Minnesota. This place must be something pretty special.

CB: We have never headlined a show before and it’s something we have always wanted to pull off. Of course Minnesota is a special place for us. Most of us were born and raised there!

SR: Fellow citizen, and musician Prince came from the heart of Minnesota.  There must have been something in who he was and what you all have shared musically and your hometown that gives you a sense of connection.

CB: Prince was an inspiration to the world. His music and personality definitely helped shape tons of musicians. I can confidently say the love for Prince in Minnesota is huge. He put our state on the map. Being from Minnesota definitely makes me feel a bigger connection with who he was.

 SR:  In a relatively short period of three years, you have been signed now to a leader in the record label industry, Road Runner. First off, congratulations, and how did the signing come about?

CB: From the start of our band we have always wanted to be the best we could be, we work really hard at what we do and make it our life.

Roadrunner came in contact with us and we instantly had a great relationship from the start. I’m truly glad it they discovered because everyone on the OCTW team is amazing and it’s nice to have people working with you that believe in your vision and goal.


SR: As you sat down with Road Runner and became a part of their ever expanding network… Did you at any moment all of the sudden just sit back and go, “WOW! This is actually happening!?”

CB: Yeah. Every single day. This is a truly unreal feeling for all of us. It’s crazy. You have those moments where you are watching a music video or seeing a picture and you are like “damn. That’s me”

SR: Aside from touring beginning in June with Myka Relocate, and releasing your album this fall… anything else in particular as individuals you would like to accomplish?

CB: Be the best we can be. Continue working on music and perfecting our craft.

SR: How do you plan to visually present the album in the fall? Are you able to release the title for your new album?

CB: It’s all under wraps for now. Can’t really talk about that too much yet!

SR: Looking over your social media and whatnot, all of you seem to be pretty relaxed and fun… So, to end this interview on a light note, I’d like to throw in a couple of “This or That” questions:

CB: Let’s do it!


1) Chipotle or Taco Bell?

Well see, this depends on what kind of mood we are in… We have a deep love for both of them. We are a part of Taco Bell’s Feed The Beat program so I’m gonna have to go with some good old tbell!


2) Getting tattoos: in the moment or thought out?

A little bit of both. I have some thought out ones but sometimes you just have to book an appointment and see what your mind comes up with on the spot

3) Night or day?


4) Horror or comedy?


5) Vintage or modern

Depends on what it is, I like a lot of modern things but I can really appreciate the vintage look and feel of stuff.

Check out this awesome slideshow of Out Came the Wolves Live!

provided by: CowgirlZenPhotography

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Queen Mary (Official Music Video)

by: Out Came The Wolves

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