Bone Crunching Progressive Metal Hits! TOOTHGRINDER on Tour!

Concert Review: TOOTHGRINDER

With Song River

Bone Crunching Progressive Metal Hits! TOOTHGRINDER on Tour!

What does progressive metal sound like when its grinding, gritty, gnashing and gnarly? It sounds like the progressive metal band, TOOTHGRINDER, hailing out of Asbury Park, New Jersey and packing in a wallop of gargantuan prized results over and over again.

Crunching the pachyderm sized sound and stage performances night after night as TOOTHGRINDER is back out on the road this time headlining long-side sikTH, Chon and Periphery a deadly dosage of metal screaming shards of masterful blood-letting lust ridden rock that rips your soul open and propels your heart into complete and utter satisfaction.

TOOTHGRINDER began their journey back in 2010 and have completed three EP’s (two self released Turning Of The Tides 2011; Vibration, Color, Frequency 2012) and then having signed to Spinefarm Records in 2014 they released their EP Schizophrenic Jubilee, which captured prog metal heads everywhere attention. It was the relationship this band had with Periphery that showed how the music industry really work together- bands- connecting one another. With a tight community established and the label signing TOOTHGRINDER released Nocturnal Masquerade in 2016 and is now touring with Periphery. This tour is a solid mix and the bands all do more than just ‘click’ they are one another solidification in delivery.

As the band hits the stage they open with, “The Hour Angle,” and lead vocalist Justin Matthews walks right off the stage, steps over the photo pit, stands on the barricade edge and learning over to the hungry elated metal head hands he begins to body surf. Carrying his body across the sea of fans and back again to the stage. There is some serious kick-ass connection immediately out of the box as drummer Wills Weller keeps the fusible beat, bassist MattArsendorf brings the signature tight guitar tones with guitarist Jason Goss and Johnuel Hasney. Together they create a guitar tone long missed and cutting the shards of metal with incredulous effect.

Catch TOOTHGRINDER along with sikTH, Chon and Periphery out on tour through September 2016 and according to the drummer Wills Weller be watching for another tour possibly for them sometime this year and of course that focus always to bring their screeching grind of progressive metal to Europe and beyond!

Set List:

The Hour Angle

Schizophrenic Jubilee

Lace & Anchor

Waltz of Madmen

The House (That Fear Built)

Coeur d’Alene


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