Christian Music Artist Patrick Rivers to Donate Entire Months Proceeds From Downloads of New Single to Mother with Pancreatic Cancer


Tina Webb is a personal friend of mine who I have known for around 15 years. Tina is from Ironton, OH and is the mother of an outgoing amazing little boy who is dealing with a trial that no five year old should have to ever deal with. Tina is fighting the most courageous battle of her life as she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer two years ago. Doctors informed her that this would be a long, hard fought journey and that she had better get her affairs in order because they only gave her a short time to live. As long as I’ve known Tina, she has always had a love for music. Some of her favorite bands include Alice in Chains, and Foo Fighters.

Patrick Rivers is a christian music artist from Flatwoods, KY. Flatwoods is located across the river from Ironton. Patrick met Tina this past Saturday at a “Team Tina” benefit at the Ironton VFW to help Tina in her fight against Hiligard (Which is the name that she has given to the awful tumor growing on her pancreas). “Team Tina” is the amazing group of  friends and family that have been extremely supportive in Tina’s journey. After hearing Tina’s story about her battle with pancreatic cancer, Rivers has decided that he is going to donate ALL proceeds from this months downloads of “Breathe’ to support Tina and her son. Rivers didn’t know Tina until this benefit and is not a world renowned artist but his compassion and generous gesture will propel him to superstar status. This random act of kindness from a musician who has decided to use his songwriting and musical talent to benefit the life a stranger has touched the hearts of many. In the video below Patrick talks about how God laid it upon his heart to help my friend Tina.

To Download the new single “Breathe” from Patrick Rivers please visit:


Tina Webb speaks about how Pancreatic Cancer has impacted her life and Patrick announces that he will be donating all of August’s proceeds from downloads of his new single Breathe will go to benefit Tina Webb’s medical costs and costs of living.

After seeing the above video and kindness that this musician displayed towards Tina, I had to setup some time to speak with Patrick about his musical journey and what inspires him.

14055634_504492186422279_931999466_nPrior to speaking with Patrick for this interview, he informed me by text that his friends from the band Genuine Remedy will be joining him in this months donations of proceeds to support Tina in her battle against pancreatic cancer. Be sure to check out Genuine Remedy‘s new single “Keep Running” at iTunes to download your copy in support of Tina and her son.

Jason Evans: Hey Patrick thanks for taking the time to speak with me. How are you doing?

Patrick Rivers: Honestly, man I have no complaints!

JE: This is a really awesome gesture that you are making by supporting Tina through your music.

PR: Well, I’ll tell you what. I woke up the Saturday before last and I was in Parkersburg, WV, at a christian conference and I received a message. I was all wrapped up in what I was doing there and let them know that I would call them back. When I got back in town, I had completely forgotten and I was told about Tina and that they [Tina’s friends, family and support team who put together the benefit]  wanted me to play a benefit. This past Saturday, the day of the event I woke up and I was like, Oh No! I suddenly remembered the whole thing for Tina Webb. I said, “I can not believe I let this opportunity to go and bless somebody slip through my fingers!” As soon as I woke up I messaged Lisa, I believe was her name, one of Tina’s close friends. I asked, how to get a hold of Tina to tell her I couldn’t come to play but that I want to come and pray with her. She responded that I probably wouldn’t be able to get a hold of her until after 5:00. I told her I was  going to come over and pray for her and that I wanted to donate the proceeds of the sales from my new single for the month of August to her.

Whatever we can get from these downloads I want to give it to her. Lisa had said that she didn’t know if they [Tina and her family] would  want that [the donation] because they [Tina and her family]  weren’t trying to ask for anything. They are very humble, modest people and aren’t going to ask for things. I got a hold of Tina and her mom to see if it was okay that I post something about this [the proceeds benefitting Tina] and it took off from there.

Tonight I got a hold of my buddy from the band Genuine Remedy and invited him to come aboard with the cause. They [Genuine Remedy] were super excited about the opportunity to bless Tina and her family. I knew that I had to do something for Tina as God put it on my heart to use my talents to minister for her. I know her healing is coming.

JE: Let’s talk about you and your music for a minute. How long have you been making music and who are some of your biggest influences?

PR: I started messing around with music when I was 16 and I’m 37 now. It’s been a good couple of years. I grew up listening to all the good stuff: Pearl Jam, Nirvana, the Stone Temple Pilots, then I threw in some Green Day and  Candlebox. I don’t mean to write in any certain fashion, what come out is what comes out. People that listen to my music tell me that my songs don’t sound the same. I always tell people it’s just what I feel at the time!

JE: You are living a Christian life now. When and how did you decide that Christian music was the genre that you were going to pursue?

PR: Honestly, I’ve tried not to do this. I’ve tried a billion and one times not to do this. I heard a song by the band Need to Breathe on Christian radio three years ago called “Washed by the Water.” That’s when I picked up the guitar and decided I wanted to learn that song. From there, that’s when I started writing again. God continued to pour into me and bring more out of me and into my lyrics. I consider my songs my prayer line. Those are my conversations with God and how I interact with him. Some people believe that you have to be on your knees everyday for a certain amount of time to pray or in a church but It’s my heart and I just burn from that.

JE: When did you choose to start leading a life that glorified God?

PR: I got saved at eight years old. I never really dedicated my life until I got custody of my daughter around four or five years ago.I ran hard for a while, I was in the Marine Corps and I partied hard for a while. For 10 or 12 years, I partied it up. Anything coming or going, I’ve got mug shots, I’ve been in jail. I’ve done some stuff. God always saw it to where I’ve got a plan for you. I’ve got plans for you and I’m going to keep my hand on you and see you through this. I just took a job at a recovery center in South Shore and I hear stories from these guys about how being in jail had changed their lives and woke them up. My very limited 4 hour stay in jail was not a wake up to me. When God gave me custody of Abby, he delivered me through everything. Maybe music won’t be my legacy but perhaps it will speak to Abby so deeply that she will grow and go on to do more than I could have ever dreamt.

JE: Do you write all of your own music and where or how do you find your inspiration when you are writing?

PR: Oh yeah. This is going to sound absolutely crazy but I had this new one I was working on and I had this chord progression in my mind for a while.  I turned to God and asked him to speak to me. I woke up at 2:30 in the morning wide awake with the chorus of this song that I am working on now. [I had] the melody and how it’s supposed to be sung. I wrote everything down and did a shaky recording. Honestly, God speaks to me and he brings out my heart. Anything that I may be struggling with at the time, what I’m trying to accomplish or even when I just need a revelation. The other day I was reading something and I saw the words: Getting lost in the right direction. Getting lost in the right direction is  getting lost in God. It’s a lot better direction than I was getting lost in before. Things like that pop into my head. Different phrases and different stories from my buddies can turn into powerful song lyrics.

JE: What goes into your live show preparation for the day of show?

PR: Actually, it’s for a week in advance. I tried to take this summer and not do any live shows while I focused more on recording. However, my plans aren’t always God’s plans. I have done some live shows and not focused as much on what I wanted to do. I practice a daily run through of a set at least 3 times.  I will run through songs over and over again whether I’ve played them five times or 500 times until I could almost do them in my sleep. I believe that if I’m called to do this I have to do it with perfection and not a half hearted effort. There is no telling who is going to be out there to receive some of this. There will be those that have their lives changed.

JE: Tell me a little about the conceptualization of “Breathe.”

PR: I’m so glad that you asked that question. Last October, my band Alter Drive split ways. That day when everything fell through I ran out and grabbed myself six beers, went back to the apartment and sat down to start drinking. God spoke to me, cornering me right where he wanted me. He wanted me to do this [play music myself rather than with a band] by myself  the entire time and he literally spoke to me: Now take a step back and breathe a minute.Those are the opening words to that song [“Breathe”]. He kept pouring into me, reciting scripture into my heart and letting me know that he’s got this.

JE: Where can people  go to download the new single this month in support of Tina?

PR: iTunes, Google Play Amazon, Spotify, and any digital media outlet. I believe there are around 143 different digital stores. That is the same with Genuine Remedy as well.

Check Out Patrick Rivers’ latest video release for “Breathe”

Featured image Photographer: Tracy Lange

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