The Deftones Tour for Their New Album: Gore

Concert Review: Rituals of Mine, YelaWolf and Deftones

The Deftones Tour for Their New Album: Gore

By Song River

Photo Credit: CowGirlZen


The first two bands opening for the Deftones on this particular tour gave their final performance last evening with the Deftones. In a hot and sweaty open to the elements venue, Mesa Amphitheater, sharing the evenings stage were there bands Rituals of Mine (Sister Crayon formerly known as) and YelaWolf.

CGZ-1347The electronic indie style of Rituals of Mine (name changed in August when the band was signed to Warner Brothers Records), certainly sank the electronic sounds into the soul of rock. Bringing their own particular sound to an audience that was maintaining the high heat of the unrelenting sun, this band gave everything they had and then some. Commenting maybe twice about the heat, but vocalist Terra Lopez was not going to let that stop her from giving the crowd everything she had and being grateful to those who came early for the show.

The innovative style and fusion that Rituals of Mine bring together is happening in an exciting time for music as we are in the midst again of a global shift in sound, culture, economics and political. Their sound fits the times and their performance proves they deserved every bit of respect given to them by their fans.

Claiming to not have reinvented the wheel as Kid Rock has done what YelaWolf is now CGZ-1272doing, there is something in the timing and sense of almost antagonistic and ego driven mercies that are on display. An attitude that takes from the deep woods and back the hills of the Appalachians and slaps a ‘to hell with you’ kind of attitude right in the face. YelaWolf ain’t nobody’s business but his own.

YelaWolf was born with the name, Michael Wayne Atha, but his attitude draws deeply on his own personal observations on social commentaries. The lyrics and attitude do not mix words- they are in your face and like it or not… not his problem.

YelaWolf was on their last evening as well with the Deftones on tour, and they brought a half packed outdoor lawn quickly to a filled up busting out over the fence line scene. Courageously wicked may be one way to describe the sounds and lyrics that come from YelaWolf. This isn’t country, this isn’t southern gospel, this isn’t rap, and it sure ain’t Eminem… this is YelaWolf and the delivery was a kick in the groin of something ragingly spectacular. A set committed to saying what was on his mind along with some sick slide guitar, and a beat on the heartbeat of drums this tour is spilling his albums from the album “Love Story” (2015) and a few others along now with the promise that his next tour will be called “Trial By Fire” the name of his new album due out this fall.

Chino Moreno was on fire from the onslaught and no amount of time passing could deter the Deftones from bringing it all in. Opening with “Rocket Skates” it was Chino Moreno with his ever so slung low pants, to the point where almost tripped over the slide off his bum-side) that blasted this 19 song set into oblivion and quenched the frenzied fans into submission. Continuing to storm the stage and take his audience captive Moreno fed them with tracks like like “Diamond Eyes,” “Swerve City,” “Passenger,” and “Knife Party.”

There is something about the energy found in the Deftones as you could witness the crowd was noticeably beyond just showing up for a concert, they were diehard Deftones fans, during the three numbers the Deftones performed off their new album, “Gore” the audience was singing and moving along with the tunes. Certainly the title track, “Gore” was a significant stamp of approval by Deftones fans.

It was during the tune “Bored” Moreno sang the chorus of “Purple Rain” and certainly Prince would have been pleased. Then in their number, “Engine No. 9” once again Moreno intro’d in with “How I Could Just Kill a Man” by Cypress Hill. Everything the Deftones seem to do just meshes so very well.

CGZ-9797The Deftones have always been a major player in the movement that fused and began the nu-metal sound. After two decades the credit of what the Deftones have brought together has certainly showed itself on this tour as fans are packing venues. Contributing to the creation of what makes this music industry so exciting is what bands like the Deftones have done. And they have done it all without even knowing the affects they were launching to stay stamped in our music history timeline.

The Deftones have been out on tour since early 2016, and will continue their tour in support of their new album, Gore through November. Follow them to stay up to date on future show listings.

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Photos by: CowgirlZen

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