No Advisory Has No Limits as They Take On the Punk Scene!

No Advisory is a punk band who has successfully emerged from one of the toughest music scenes out there:  The Los Angeles music market. The band has been playing to punk fans in California and putting finishing touches on their latest album! The talented band has a string of recently released singles. They guys talk about music in LA, their favorite summer gig anda s requested, show us their favorite canine pal!

Q: First of all, No Advisory has been in existence since 2006 and your website states that you  have been tolerable since then. What makes No Advisory so tolerable?


A: We always do our best to make sure every show is a little different and to bring a unique energy that you don’t really see from bands anymore. We take the time to make sure every song has a catchy hook or memorable melody.

Q: You guys have had some rather successful singles here lately. Do you have an impending album release as well?

A: Yes! Our next full length studio album Everyone is Stupid is coming out this November. We’ve been so stoked that people have been enjoying the singles we’ve put out for this album!

Q: I love the artwork for the single “Murderer By the Sheets”. There’s not much else more appropriate than Michael Myers lurking amongst the clothesline! Tell me a little about this single?

A: “Murderer by the Sheets” is a song about whether or not you can trust what is told to you by politicians. It’s that feeling you always get that the government knows more than they tell us and all we have to go on is what we choose to believe. The song is also about people in general saying one thing but doing the opposite and how we all deal with that kind of world. It’s really a song we hope everyone can relate to in some way. ps8c9929

Q: There are several punk bands emerging and saturating the industry right now. What are you guys doing that sets your music apart?

A: We don’t limit ourselves on anything we do. Our U.S. tour in June looked like it couldn’t happen but we pushed and hit the road. We deliver the kind of show people need with crowd interaction and catchy melodic songs.

Q: You’ve done some local touring in California. What’s the reception been like at your shows?

A: California is home and where our roots lay. We fit here so people seem to really understand and grasp our sound, thus making the shows fun and exciting.

Q: Favorite gig from this summer?

A: The Triple Nickel Tavern in Colorado Springs, CO. They treat us like family and the crowds and fans out there are amazing!

Q: Has it been tough for you guys to get your music out there in a city like Los Angeles?

A: Very. Los Angeles has the reputation of being “the” place to make it big in film or music. This makes our competition very large. At first it was hard, but over the years we have met the right people and found good connections.

Q: I was watching some of your live footage and you guys put forth a fantastic energy. What do you do to maintain that vocal and stage energy night after night?

A: Thanks! For us it’s the fact that every day is a new show and a new crowd. We feel we have to put on a fun show no matter how many people there are or where we are. There could be 1000 people who love you and have fun or a crowd of 5 where one person loves you so much they connect you with the right people. I believe if you put your heart into your music someone will take notice.

Q: No Advisory offers up terrible jokes and are lovers of puppies. With that being said, I’m going to need your best terrible joke and if you’re feeling generous, a dog photo? Please tell me someone has a dog!

A: Hmm…I will keep this family friendly just in case. A wife is on trial for beating her husband to death with his guitars. The judge asks “first offender?” She responds “No, first with a Gibson THEN a Fender!” And this is Sherman! Our drummer Hunter’s cute little pug!

No Advisory keeps their dog loving promise. Hunter’s pug!!

He’s hidden our our last albums cover…. *cough cough*

Q: Guys, it’s been great! Anything else you would like to add?

A: Thanks for having us! Keep an eye out for our upcoming shows and our album Everyone is Stupid! Keep up with us on these fine social medias!

Writer: Amanda Knight

All Photo Credit: Lauren DiCaillo

No Advisory on Facebook

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