Carcer City’s Patrick Pinion on Infinite//Unknown

Interview with Patrick Pinion of Carcer City
with Song River

Having just released their new album, Infinite//Unknown, on Stay Sick Records Carcer City’s vocalist, Patrick Pinion, spoke with us about their new album, their signing with Stay Sick and how his synthesia influenced the album overall.
Patrick talks about the things his band has been through but how it all has brought them as a band to a tighter, more productive band of music brothers, and how together he believes we can make this world a better place.

Song River: Life is filled with ups and downs, however, it is how we handle those greatest challenges or even the infinitesimal ones that create who we are. You have had your share, what has the band taken to create where you are now?

Patrick Pinion: Five line-up changes. A bus crash. ten years of being poor, having to miss weddings, parties, dates with your girlfriend. Pouring most of your money into it whilst barely paying your rent. It’s been a labor of love, we’ve been through so much and done so much work to get where we are now!

Song River: Your decision as Carcer City to work with the label Stay Sick Recordings seems to be the fit many bands are looking for. How is what Fronz developed been what you all needed?

Patrick Pinion: Stay Sick were the only label that loved the actual music, the sounds we were making. They were interested in that first and foremost and truly believed in that too. Other labels were just summing us up as how profitable we could be as a product it seemed, so we were really attracted to the label because of their faith and belief.

Song River: There is a deeper message to the songwriting in Carcer City. In music do you feel it is more important for fans to discover their meanings and develop a perception?

Patrick Pinion: I don’t think there is a choice, we always find our own meanings in everything. We create our reality. We listen to a song and relate it to our life somehow, even if it’s not in the way the artist intended. Art is created one way but always received differently.

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Song River: Looking at each track’s title then the colour associations. Do you see each individual song then a particular colour?

Patrick Pinion: The colours given for those songs were what I call their overriding colours – if I delve further into the songs then certain sections have different colours, certain lyrics and lines will have certain colours too. All of those little details go together and at the end, it’ll have an overall colour – just like mixing paint.

Song River: How does the rest of the band react or relate to how the process is created and placed all together?

Patrick Pinion: They just roll with it haha!

Song River: Music bridges individuals to become groups. With the release of your album, Infinite//Unknown, what was the greatest challenge in its creation?

Patrick Pinion: I think just actually getting the production done. It’s our longest album I think, with so much more detail and layering than anything we’ve done before. Just living in a shed for three months with the guys in the dead of winter living off smart price beans and cups of tea whilst working really hard for hours on end. It was tough but absolutely worth it.

Song River: What did the band as individuals and as the collective take from its developmental journey?

Patrick Pinion: A greater sense of brotherhood. We’re closer than ever.

Song River: Does deeper thought, and a certain level of intelligence or even questioning of this current dimensional state of great importance to the band?

Patrick Pinion: It’s very much our message, deeper thought and compassion have the power to change most of the world’s problems.

Song River: Are you really just making noise or is there something larger even beyond Liverpool’s metalcore band Carcer City?

Patrick Pinion: Like I say, the message. We’re more than a band, we’re a voice for love and compassion and a voice for the people who are sick of a world filled with bigotry, intolerance, and hate. We can all fix this, we just have to work together!

Carcer City’s website

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