Dustin Collins Releases “Cold Dead Hands”

Dustin Collins, Bardstown, Kentucky native is quickly earning a name for himself in Nashville as he just released his single “Cold Dead Hands” as it debuted at No. 1  on the Billboards Hot Single Sales. This song is in respect to the second amendment,The right to bear arms.Collins, bringing a southern style upbeat country sound to the country scene is what all country music fans will soon enjoy.

“Cold Dead Hands” was written as an anthem to the American gun owner. An anthem to everyone who is tired of being told the way they live is wrong and that there’s something wrong with them for having morals, values, and tradition.” “It’s not a gun thing, its a culture thing” Collins stats in regards to the new single of his EP.

A song about Americas greatest freedom, not just a country boys way, but a right passed down for ages. “Cold Dead Hands” has the southern blend that of Tracy Lawrence and a Arron Lewis which makes putting it on repeat that much easier. Collins is a rising star in Nashville and it looks like he isn’t going to be slowing down. Check out his website for tour info and iTunes for his latest single “Cold Dead Hands”.

For more information visit http://www.DustinCollins.com

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