Craig Campbell celebrates his 50th appearance at The Grand Ole Opry

Craig Campbell celebrates his career milestone with performing for the 50th time on the Grand Ole Opry stage Friday night (10/20/17). Craig Campbell made his Opry debut on October 8th 2010. On his debut he was hot off the release of his single “Family Man”, which Craig played again Friday night in a nostalgic and memorable night for him.
“I remember the very first time I walked out on this stage… It was such a big moment that at the time, the only thing I could think of to say was ‘I made it!’” laughed Campbell. “But, the luster of walking out on this same stage never goes away and I’m very honored to be here for the 50th time.”

Craig Campbell just wrapped up touring with Luke Bryan on his HUNTIN’, FISHIN’ AND LOVIN’ EVERY DAY TOUR.

Photos credit of: Jason Evans Photography




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