Strings featuring Jason Michael Carroll to be released next year

As Jason Michael Carroll is a well known country music artist he has this year branched out into the world of acting as well. Staring in the soon to be released movie “Strings” which is due out sometime in 2018. Here is what the official Strings Facebook page had to say recently.

“Quick official update: Our distribution company has confirmed the release date for Strings. A formal announcement will follow early in the new year. Once the formal announcement is made, we will be updating this page regularly. Thank you all for your patience and support. The wait is almost over and we are so looking forward to sharing our film with you…”

Movie Description:

Sometimes the past won’t let go. After years of paying his dues in every bar from New York to Pennsylvania, New Jersey Rock n’ Roller Jimmy Ford trades in his rock n’ roll fantasy for the bright lights of Nashville. His new life in the Music City presents staggering highs and lows, but everything may not be quite as it seems. Jason Michael Carroll (Country Star whose album “Waitin in the Country” soared to number one on the US Country Charts – producing three Top 40 hits including “Alyssa Lies” “Livin Our Love Song” and “I Can Sleep When I’m Dead”), and Katie Garfield (“The Birth of a Nation”) lead an extraordinary cast in this genuine, compelling drama that really boogies. Despite lofty expectations, Jimmy Ford (Carroll) quickly realizes that Nashville presents its own unique challenges. Success proves elusive until Malinda Price (Garfield), an up-and-coming Nashville singer, takes an interest in him. As their relationship blossoms, so do his musical prospects. Malinda’s record label suddenly hands Jimmy the opportunity of a lifetime. But just as his career and personal life begin to take off, his past comes calling – reminding him that there are always strings attached. He’s ultimately faced with a question: Is his a life of self-pity or redemption? The answer holds dire consequences for him and all of those around him.


3 thoughts on “Strings featuring Jason Michael Carroll to be released next year

  1. The film Strings has a great soundtrack, specially the song, Let You Walk Away performed by Katie Garfield and written by Jason Michael Carroll. I searched for the song but couldn’t find it on YouTube. Would love to hear/see it performed by Katie and Jason, it’s s great song…..

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  2. Hey man they are Tennessee I want to say I’m a country singer or rapper I do it all my salute goes out to Jimmy Ford for
    making the movie in telling his story I really like it I hope I can let you know see Jimmy Ford real soon and maybe we can clap gather and talk but you know I doubt more song coming out on my YouTube channel he can check me out at Tay love and Virginia Birch Jimmy Ford it goes out to you I will be in Virginia Beach at the concert where are all the country singers going to be at I will keep you update but if you can look it up I’m going to also send you some screenshots right now so that we can clamp together and it makes me sick and you and your band can you know help me out as well cuz I need a lot of help and I work at Cracker Barrels in Virginia Beach don’t have enough money yet but I want my own band in my own tour bus in studio Marysville Tennessee Virginia Beach Carolina and South Carolina I will be coming soon new artist


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