The Inoculated Canaries release video for “Count Me Out” reveiw

New York based rock band The Inoculated Canaries has released the Official Music Video for their single, “Count Me Out,” off of their upcoming Trying Times. Trying Times, their second EP, was released January 12th.

The video for “Count Me Out” is a fun glow in the dark, enigmatic vibe. Everything glows in the dark, even guitars glow green! A cool new twist on a music video- the band in a sort of psychedelic theme performing the song in what seems to be their way. Maybe not all the paint but the way they carry them selfs and have fun makes it fun for fans watching.

This was the first song I’ve listened of The Inoculated Canaries and it’s LOVE!! Finally a band that is innovating rock music and bringin what maked and makes rock what it is back. They have a sound and a rhythm that makes you think they’re a world renown veteran band and that’s a quality no one else in the music industry can compete with.

“Our songs come from personal experiences: beginnings and ends, loves and loss. Ultimately to experience as much as possible and to not take yourself too seriously” – Inoculated Canary

The band’s mission is simple: to bring back ROCK! And while that’s a mission a lot of emerging artists are taking on, it’s one that this quartet is uniquely suited to addressing.

Michael Rubin on guitar and vocals, James Terranova on drums, Dylan Gross on bass, and Brian Sweeney on keys.



                                        Track List:
1. Count Me Out
2. Take A Look Around
3. Jericho
4. Ya Mad
5. Shipwrecked



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