Zack Shelton & 64 to Grayson “Between the Pews” album & tour

Hot off the release of their latest studio album Zack Shelton & 64 to Grayson are on tour in Florida with 32 dates running into the start of April. After that they will travel back around Kentucky and Ohio. 2018 is looking to being a promising year for the band with the release of “Between the Pews” which has been a huge success so far for them. Zack and company are a remarkable group with the capability to leave the audience in awe.

Zack has a way of performing that even the greats that sell out arenas world wide cannot compare to. Craig has a way with picking guitar that he makes it look easy. No stranger to strings, Tiffany can burn up a violin like she’s a female Charlie Daniels. With that, we believe in Zack Shelton & 64 to Grayson and what they have accomplished so far will only be a milestone for them in the future.

Be sure to check out to get some really awesome merch- hoodies, picks, and any of their four albums including “Between the Pews”!

*photos credit of: Ryan K, PIke


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