The Tuten Brothers released new single “Halleujah”

Brothers Walker and Sam Tuten are bringing traditional country back with a touch of rock n’ roll in their sound. Their first single “Southern Sunrise,” which now has over 200,000 Spotify streams and had a 10-week stint on Atlanta’s 94.9 The Bull.

The Tuten Brothers recent single “Hallelujah,” was written between the both of them and recorded with a choir which makes it that much soulful of a song. Their EP and singles are available now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and most major music platforms.

The brothers are from Athens, GA and hopefully their making their way to Nashville to recorded more tunes after listening to their newest single “Hallelujah”. They have a voice that resonates with classic country, and beautiful guitars. The Tuten Brothers have a strong sound, and a unified voice, paired with their songwriting abilities they are about as original as they come and that’s what Nashville is needing.





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