Jacob Bryant “Pour Whiskey On My Grave” music video & single review

Jacob Bryant is seeing success from his most recent single “Pour Whiskey On My Grave” that I don’t think he even expected. Since its release February 2nd his music video has attracted over three million views is such a short time span. Three million of anything takes an artist awhile to reach and Bryant has racked up that in two weeks. The smash hit looks to be putting Jacob Bryant on the map and in a strong way.

The deep refined vocals of Bryant’s along side the songs southern rock vibe; the clashing of guitars and hard hitting drums is a country boy’s anthem. It is just that. An anthem of a buddy’s wish with friends. The video starts off with a lengthy line of friends and family, all in black. In had a wooded casket out front. Cutting to a scene where Bryant appears to be in a run down barn the anthem breaks out. The video is one with the song which most videos are not able to pull off. A visual of the track so you see and feel what Jacob Bryant is singing. All in black and white which sets the tone with the effects that give the song more of a bad ass feel. JACOB BRYANT by Bryan Fay PR shot 2017

Bryant is seen on his bike living it up with his buddies and standing outside of a barn in a field strumming his acoustic with emotion. Getting back to the funeral it is seen, everyone keeps their promise just as he would for them. Pouring whiskey out of the flask on to the ground to soak into his bones. The song is still a growing hit, even with all the success it has already seen. The success however, I feel isn’t over by a long shot. The video is one of the best music videos I’ve watched in a long time and the song is one that could even make for song of the year. So let’s see what happens, because it’s evident that Jacob Bryant’s time is here and now.

“When I’m gone don’t bring me pretty flowers
And don’t sit and cry for me at my tombstone
Come and visit me in the midnight hours
With your party on
Think of me and recall all the good times
Bring your memories and a bottle of ole’ Jim Beam
Take a swig as a hunted honky tonk moon shines
And remember me”
(Jami Grooms, Marty Brown)


Watch the official music video here and see below to follow Jacob Bryant on his social medias for more updates, tours, and info!


Twitter: @Jacobbryant1     https://twitter.com/Jacobbryant1
Instagram @jacobbryantmusic  https://www.instagram.com/jacobbryantmusic
FB @JacobBryantFans    https://www.facebook.com/JacobBryantFans

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