Razorwire Halo Frontman Tak Kitira gives insight to music, and creative touch in interview

Tak Kitira, frontman for Razorwire Halo took the time to talk with Sara of Music Matters about their distinctive sound, 3D live show projection and getting in touch with the bands creative side.

By: Sara Jameson     New Single/Album/Tour- Razorwire Halo is Cutting Edge Music

Sara Jameson: Creativity matters but so does the business side of a band. How do you find the balance?

Tak Kitara: Balancing both is incredibly hard. What I have found to work for me is to pick specific times to focus on the business side only and then use the rest of the time for the creative aspects. That way I can focus on one at a time. The biggest problem is there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything finished that I had planned to complete.


SJ: Do you sense at times you are better at creativity over business or vice versa?

Tak Kitara: I am always better at the creative side in my opinion but I work really hard to make sure I understand the business side of artists. You cannot be successful without the business side of things.


SJ: Describe your sound.

Tak Kitara: We tend to lean towards a electronic rock sound that has a very futuristic dystopia atmosphere. We try to take our fans on a journey with a cinematic sound. We range from very heavy to light depending on what we are trying to make the listener feel.


SJ: The feel of Razorwire Halo is almost a digital edge. Do you find yourselves more in the apocalyptic feel of a Utopian society or dead end future times?

Tak Kitara: We kind of dance the fine line between there is no hope and there is some hope left. I feel like life works the same way. There are times when you feel optimistic and times when the weight of the world crushes you so much that it feels like there is no escape and no future.


SJ: Explain how your music and your presentation (marketing/branding) fit.

Tak Kitara: Our music and brand are really one in the same. When we write new albums we have a look and feel in mind the entire time. As it co exists with the music. We are making sure that the soundscape we create brings visions of our main concept for the album. We then take that feeling and create our artwork. We then take that feeling and create music videos to give our album movement. Finally when the songs are converted to live we use our enhanced live show to help bring the music to life with more visuals. The visuals in our live shows are not necessarily there to make the viewer see what we want them to see but more that we want them to feel a certain way during the set.


SJ: What is it each band member brings to Razorwire Halo?

Tak Kitara: I have a background in web development and marketing along with being the main writer and vision for the band. I help keep the overall direction of the band in place and manage the business side of things. Up until our latest release I have also handled all the recording, mixing and mastering of the albums. Now that Kyle has joined the group Kyle and myself share the workload of the recording process, while Kyle handles the final mixdowns and mastering of the tracks. He also brings a new vibe and fresh perspective as he is the newest member and saw the band from the outside before joining the group. Skylar helps with the vision for the band and handles the merchandise side of things. She also lends her talents on writing and recording lyrics for songs. Billy is breathing a human element into our drums which were previously all programmed in recordings. He also lends his expertise in stage design and layout with his background in working at multiple venues within the Kansas City area. Darrell brings a unique guitar style and vision for the band. Darrell and myself spend a lot of time working through ideas. We work through everything from album concept ideas, soundscapes, artwork designs, merch designs and live show designs.


SJ: If you were to describe your latest release, the new single, “Sweat” without using words but with imagery like photos or drawings what would they photos/drawings depict?

Tak Kitara: Honestly, it would be close to porn. Skylar says, “that would be quite explicit and rated R”.


SJ: ‘Sweat’ seems to fit the soundtrack of a sci fi movie or thriller/killer have you thought about licensing your music for such things?

Tak Kitara: We have been in talks about branching out into film, and video games. It is something we would love to get into soon especially since we write so many instrumental tracks.


SJ: Your new CD will be coming out soon, 3/27? What can we expect from the whole release and are we going to be seeing any other videos prior to the release?

Tak Kitara: “Retaliate” is a to-the-point E.P. and is a very personal journey for the band. We just finished up a video for “Sweat” and are hoping to have it released just before “Retaliate” is released on the 27th.


SJ: Razorwire Halo has a sound that has depth. Do you find yourselves following a formula or when you create… it is set to what you feel along the way?

Tak Kitara: Every album is planned out. We begin by creating the main soundscape and concept for the album. We usually write several tracks until one really sparks our interested and then we build the rest of the tracks off that main idea. We like to keep to a main focused idea but we will allow ourselves to go off course at times to see what happens.


SJ: Since touring is getting ready to happen, what can we expect at one of your live shows?

Tak Kitara: We will be bringing along our enhanced live show which includes 3D projection. Our live show brings power and beauty in an immersive stage show. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed in it.


We want to thank Tak Kitara for talking the time to talk with Music Matters and we love to support Razorwire Halo’s music as much as we can so if you have yet to give them a listen here is their new single ‘Sweat’ that you can listen to now! let us know in the comments your thoughts!





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