The Molice information & Tour dates

The Molice are a modern Japanese band who draw inspiration from 70’s punk’s DIY spirit, 80’s new wave, power pop and 90’s unchained indies guitar rock. While many Japanese bands are the product of management hired producers and stylists, The Molice have gone their own indie way, and created their own sound from a wide and unlikely combination of influences. Their name also has a variety of inspirations including- The Police, and the “mo” of Jim Morrison, and Mo Tucker. Music writers have scrambled to find comparisons, with the Pixies and the Pretenders coming up most often.

The band was formed in 2007 by the charismatic female singer/rhythm guitarist Rinko, and high tension guitarist Yuzuru Takeda. After a year of polishing their material playing Tokyo’s numerous rock venues, the band made their recorded debut in November 2008 with their album Doctor Ray.

In late 2016 THE MOLICE finished tracking an EP entitled Signs (released September 8, 2017), and visited the US for a string of dates across the Northeast. They also spent last  Summer recording a new album in the US for release this year!

4/13 .             Trumansburg, NY                    Silver Line Tap Room
4/14 .              Asbury Park, NJ                       The Saint (1PM Matinee Show)
4/15 .              Philadelphia, PA .                    Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival (4:15 PM set)
4/21 .              New York, NY .                         Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Festival
4/27 .              Albany, NY .                              The Lo Beat
4/29 .              Brooklyn, NY .                          Brooklyn Sakura Matsuri Festival
4/30 .              Manhattan, NY .                      The Mercury Lounge
5/03 .              Cleveland, OH .                        Coda Tremont
5/05 .              Buffalo, NY                               Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival (2:00 PM set)
​5/05 .              Buffalo, NY .                             Nietzche’s (Electrorespect X)
5/17 .              Canton, OH .                             Buzzbin Records
5/18 .              Pittsburgh, PA .                        Howler’s
5/19 .              Athens, OH                               The Union Bar
5/24 .              Syracuse, NY                            Spark Contemp. Art Center (RINKO Art Show)
5/25 .              Binghamton, NY                      Lost Dog Cafe
5/26 .              Ithaca, NY                                 Lot 10
5/31 .              Rochester, NY .                        Funk N Waffles
6/01 .              Buffalo, NY .                             Lockhouse Distillery
6/07 .              Dayton, OH .                            Blind Bob’s
6/09 .              Cleveland, OH .                       Happy Dog
7/06 .              Akron, OH .                              Empire Concert Club
7/07 .              Buffalo, NY .                             Sugar City Gallery (RINKO Art Show)


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