Artist of the Week: Garth Brooks


The six time CMA Entertainer of the Year is the most successful solo country artist of all time; and yes we are talking about none other than Garth Brooks. Garth is the first artist in history to receive 7 Diamond awards for the now seven albums certified by the RIAA at over 10 million album sales each and remains the #1-selling solo artist in U.S. history certified by the RIAA with over 148 million album sales. He has received every accolade the recording industry can bestow on an artist. Needless to say his list of achievements are tremendously long and with the career he has had he has earned each one of them.

When I was growing up I would listen to ‘Thunder Rolls’ and ‘Beaches of Cheyenne’ almost daily and then in 2014 I had the honor of photographing my first really big show and had tickets to both shows that Friday night on Halloween. That night is a night that was full of amazement and awe. Even from his break from touring and music Garth didn’t miss a beat like he had been on that stage every night of his life. 11136726_431121230396335_1111850009396091689_n

Garth has become known for bringing such emotion and passion to the stage as a performer and that has put him as the greatest entertainer of all time and with every award under his belt known to music there will be more that he will accomplish before retirement kicks in.

One of the most memorable concerts any fan can say they’ve been to is a Garth Brooks show. None can compare. Garth is still making music and just wrapped up the BIGGEST world tour ever known to mankind and the most ticket sales on any north American tour. It seems Garth will still be touring and selling out venues all across the world. If you have a chance find a show close or hop on a plane and go to his show.

*All photos credit of: Ryan Keith Photography

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