Jaclyn Kenyon Releases Official Music Video for ‘Daddy’s Got a Shotgun’

Jaclyn Kenyon is 20 years old and is on the rise! She recently released her first music video off her upcoming debut EP that will be coming out later on. ‘Daddy’s Got a Shotgun’ is a fun song about a father this is slightly over protective and is looking out for his little girl. She’s really into her boyfriend and well the rest in in the video. Jaclyn is a voice of raw talent and endless possibilities for her future. She is inspired by the likes of Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood. She is making her own way into Nashville and she’s coming in strong.

“This is a cute fun song I wrote about an overprotective father, …no matter how old you are you’re always gonna be your daddy’s little girl, right?” – Jaclyn Kenyon

“People have always had me try and sing different styles, whether it was Country, Rock or Pop. I’ve always went along and tried every idea to find my voice. I’ve even had producers make me sing ‘hard rock’ “, says Jaclyn recanting some of the musical adventures she went through as a teenager, “One producer kept telling me to lose my ‘country twang’ in my voice and I didn’t realize that was just a natural part of me.

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