Artist of the Week: Saving Abel


The Southern Rock band Saving Abel takes this weeks Artist of the Week spotlight! A band that was formed in 2004 and even though former lead singer and founder Jarad Weeks is no longer with the band; Jason Null (lead guitar and co founder), Scott Bartlett (rhythm guitar, back up vocals), Scott Wilson (bass), Blake Dixon (Drums), and last but not least Scott Austin (lead vocals) are rockin’ Saving Abel all around the world.

Saving Abel has not released a new album since 2014 (“Blood Stained Revolution”) but they’re certainly not limited to the array of hits including the smash hit “Addicted”, “18 Days”, “New Tattoo”, “Angel Without Wings”, and “Bringing Down The Giant”.

I had the opportunity to hangout with the band in 2015 at a show in Lexington Kentucky at Cosmic Charlie’s located right off University of Kentucky’s campus. As expected then crowd was wild and hyped and Saving Abel brought the party. Scott Austin (lead singer) got the crowd into it as he displayed his rockstar abilities performing songs like “Addicted” and the way rock ballad “18 Days”. Saving Abel is a band I try to catch live anytime they are near because you never know what to expect at their shows.

After the show I got to hangout with Steven Pulley (former drummer for the band) and he gave me some insight into his life and his passion for music. What many fans might not know is that Steven is partially deaf and used hearing aids. That struck a deeper appreciation for him and Saving Abel because my mother as well as a few other family members of mine are deaf. The whole band was welcoming and a delight to meet. Everyone stayed after and met with fans and took pictures and signed for anyone.

Saving Abel is a dedicated to performing night in and night out with all that they have. Their touring schedule is unbelievable and extensive usually running year round with at most a month off at a time.

You can find more out about Saving Abel and keep up to date with all news and tour info at Saving Abel’s Facebook pages.

All photos are credit of: Ryan Pike of Ryan Keith Photography



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