Sense Of Fear signs with Rockshot Records album due out April 20th

Greece’s own Sense of Fear just signed with Rockshots Records weeks before their new album “As The Ages Passing By” is set to drop April 20th. Their first album since their debut EP in 2013 fans are going to love what Sense of Fear has put together. Each song specifically picked and created to give the feel of old school metal but a modern twist to keep you head banging along.


Track Listing:
1. Molten Core (5:30)
2. Slaughter of Innocence (7:38)
3. Black Hole (5:52)
4. Angel of Steel (5:26)
5. The Song Of A Nightingale (5:44)
6. Torture of Mind (5:44)
7. Lord Of the World (2:36)
8. Unbreached Walls 5:57)
9. Sense Of Fear (6:29)
10. As The Ages Passing By, Time… Still Runs Against Us (8:59)
Album Length: 1:00:00

Ilias Kytidis – Vocals
Ioannis Kikis – Guitar/Vocals
Themis Iakovidis – Guitar
Dimitris Gkatziaris – Bass
Markos Kikis – Drums

For more info:

– 30 –



(L-R) – Themis Iakovidis – Guitar, Dimitris Gkatziaris – Bass, Ilias Kytidis – Vocals, Ioannis Kikis – Guitar/Vocals, Markos Kikis – Drums


The band comments:

“Each song has its own gravity to the album, and all together create SENSE OF FEAR’s presentation to the world as a band and as musicians. All the lyrics come from personal experiences and emotions. This is our way to express ourselves and fight the personal demons.”

Album pre-order –

Lyric video – Molten Core –

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