Michael Mancuso’s hot new single “Give It To Me”

Michael’s new single “Give It To Me” marks the beginning of a sexier, edgier chapter in his career. “Let’s just say I was going through a dry spell in my love life. My producer/co-writer, Dan Whittemore decided to play me a track that he had been working on. When he played it I freaked out! I immediately thought of a melody line for the chorus. When I sang it over the chords, Dan got just as excited as I was. From there it came time to decide what we were writing about. Even though we laughed, we both knew it was a fantastic idea and ‘Give It To Me’ was born.”

Born and raised in Westlake Village, California, Michael grew up loving music and was singing as soon as he started talking. His love of performing took him through college where he was a member of USC ‘s premiere, award winning a cappella group, The SoCal VoCals.

You can find his single on iTunes, and Spotify!

Talking about songwriting and his process on how he puts together music to not just become hits but to relate to fans Michael said “I can’t create something worth listening to if a part of me isn’t woven into it.” Furthermore he explains “I like to start by talking about what’s going on in my life, both good and bad and see if there’s something we can all relate to. When we find a common thread we start crafting the song. We start with a few chords on the piano and create a simple loop on the computer. Then we play around with melody ideas until we find something that feels right for our topic. When we agree on a melody, we start with lyrics and bring the song to life.”

Connect with Michael Mancuso:

Instagram: @michaelmancusomusic

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