Artist of the Week: Building 429

Very few bands have made an impact in Christian music quite like these guys have. Building 429 has always stayed consistent with delivering the absolute best worship and heart hitting lyrics. Authentic? they are as authentic as they come always with self written material and striving to live out the life of true Christians to be role models for those that come after them, their children and families.

Building 429 has been a staple in Christian music for 15 years and looks to not slow down and not be shaken. Making up Building 429 is: Jason Roy (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keys), Jesse Garcia (Guitar/Keys/BGVS), Michael Anderson (Drums), Aaron Branch (Bass/BGVS). since their debut in 2000 they have set sails to change lives all around the world. Just as remarkably the band has stuck together and has not changed members through out their stead.

From their hits ‘We Won’t Be Shaken’, ‘Where I Belong’ the band has recived many honors such as ‘Where I Belong’ taking home the 2012 Christian Song of the Year AND BMI’s 2013 Song of the Year. ‘We Won’t Be Shaken’ found its way to being nominated at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards for Top Christian Song. ‘Where I Belong’ also became one of the few songs to ever hold on to the No. 1 spot in billboard Christian Charts HISTORY with a remarkable 15 weeks at the top.

Building 429 also received recognition with a GRAMMY nomination in 2013 for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album (We Won’t Be Shaken), a KLOVE Fan Awards nomination in 2014 for Best Group or Duo of the Year, Billboard’s 2012 Christian Songs Artist of the Year and Christian AC Songs Artist of the Year.

1513876344776Building 429 has also started a movement called #IAMUASHAMED. This movement is to know your God and to be unashamed of that. Knowing he loves us and he is there for us no matter what. His love is unfailing, unfaulted, and relentless. you can find out more about this movement and how you can joint to help spread the word here

I have had the opportunity to see building 429 more than a handful of times and photographed their shows twice. The energy they bring to the stage and the way Jason and the gang get into the music only makes it that much more enjoyable. They are passionate about the mission of bringing people closer to God its amazing. If they are on stage 30 minutes or 2 hours they give it all they have and leave nothing to question or feel is missing. Typically after each show they meet with fans and multiple times I have been blessed with the chance to meet with them and chat for a bit about music and life in general and ever occasion they have been humbling to speak with. The last time I had a photo I wanted Jason Roy to sign for me 9The photo below in suit with purple lighting) and that stuck up a fun and highly funny conversation that for me will always be memorable.

Be sure to check out their website for more information and new and of course for die hard fans and new comers who just discovered one of the greatest Christian bands of all time- find a tour date closest to you and go see them live! you’ll not want to miss it I promise. Click here for their website: Building 429 tour


Article and photos credit of: Ryan Pike of Ryan Keith Photography



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