Building 429: The Journey Tour EXCLUSIVE Photo gallery & review

The Journey Tour made a stop last Thursday night in Elizabethtown, Kentucky for a memorable night of worship. Building 429 brought Aaron Cole, Dan Bremnes, and The Rhett Walker Band along to share the amazing journey together. The Historic State Theater located in Elizabethtown Kentucky is a beautiful venue with comfortable seating and theater style conssesions (hense the theater name).

14Kicking off the night was Aaron Cole, a christian rapper and honestly is the fastest and lyrically best rappers I’ve ever heard of. Cole had a short set but that doesn’t mean he didn’t kick start a fire in the audience because fans stood for his entire set. Following Aaron was new comer, Dan Bremnes. Dan brought a techno style to the stage with alternating between his guitar and keys to bring his melodies to life.5

17The well known Rhett Walker Band took to the stage with a guitar and kick drum. How one person could play guitar and keep beat on drum all while singing is a mystery to me but Rhett was able to pull it off with ease. Performing a cover of Simple Man you could hear each voice join along in harmony. As Rhett asked the fans to light the room he jumps off stage with only his guitar in hand and serenades the crowd walking up and down the isle and standing up in a seat to get a view of ever face from front to back. Rhett Walker Band performed they’re string of hits; “Come To The River”, “Gonna Be Alright”.

The lights strobe oranges and blues as Building 429 kicks in every aspect of they’re ensemble. Building 429 is lead by lead singer and passionate speaker Jason Roy. On bass is Aaron Branch and guitar is Jesse Garcia, and the ultra talented drummer Michael Anderson. Joining is keys and backup vocals Hunter Taylor.

32Building 429 performs all their big hits just the way they only could; with heart and passion. Hits such as “Where I Belong”, We Won’t Be Shaken”, and new songs off their upcoming album which is expected to be out later this year in the fall. Jason takes a few moments between songs and talks and makes you ask life’s hardest questions to yourself and see where you are in your own journey. In getting the crowd fully involved “Hey if God gave you the gift to clap, then clap. If God gave you the gift to listen, then just listen. (as he chuckles in laughter)”

Later in a point of the show Jason takes to the mic to tell fans that they’re excited about the new album coming about and telling them all the dedication and hardships come along with being on the Winter Jam tour with 47 shows in 3 months and two days a week away from Winter Jam and families just to get in the recording studio and record the album and the long process. Also, how he has the greatest family as they support his lifestyle as a Christian artist and the platform that gives him the opportunity to lead and help change peoples life’s all around the world.

43“We have a new song hitting radio later next month and we want to share it with you and it’s one that has been heavy on my heart because its been a my recent struggle “You Can””. The lights went to a laminating yellow orange and the lyrics soothed the heart and soul for over three minutes and in that time the world was right. It’s songs like that that Building 429 has put out into the world and into our lifes that help God make moves in us and create change.

This tour, these artist created a fantastic show full of lights, excitement, music, but also worship. The proof is in the lyrics that God is the center focus of their purpose of being on stage, sacrificing time away from their families to help spread God’s word and being a part of God’s work. To anyone who hasn’t been to a building 429 show, take my advice and find one and go. For tour information and news about their upcoming album click here



*All Photos credit of: Ryan Pike of Ryan Keith Photography

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