Vendetta Red “Quinceañera” album review

Off of Vendetta Red’s latest album, Quinceañera, you will find their first release in a lyric video called “Encantado” a sweet peppy little song that has feels to it. You want to say, sweetness, as you listen to the vocals. It would be great to see a full music video produced to this.
Vendetta Red really seems like a band that just enjoys making what they make.

Putting out a full-length album first of all really says we are making music because we dig what we are creating to the masses of music listeners. It almost seems to be such a bold move anymore to put out a full-length album… let along 12 tracks of anything! So more power to Vendetta Red. 

The album suites them and really feels like it is bouncing all over the place musically. You couldn’t punch in a direct number and say this album fits this genre. You hear a bit of throwback to REM, The Smiths, Older Alt Rock and at times some emo angsty edge creeps through the pores of the lyrically young teen skin. All of these sounds are handled very well throughout the album.
It is great to hear some good music come out of the Northwest and Quinceañera is a markedly delightful rip. Marks of 4 out of 5 for its sound and style. The music is sure to put a smile on your face… wondering though what do they call Vendetta Red followers?
Check out the music video for “Encantado” here
Leave your thoughts about the video and song in the comments below!
Be sure to also catch Vendetta Red on tour with Saving Abel, Puddle Of Mudd and more!
Review is by: Sara Jameson of Music Matters Magazine

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