Trent Tomlinson Headlines BBQ Festival in Barbourville Kentucky

Trent Tomlinson Headlines Barbourville Kentucky BBQ Festival

The Annual Barbourville Kentucky BBQ Festival held every June was held June 15-16 2018.
Saturday was a very hot and sunny day. The show kicked off with The Blue Crawdads doing a great set .
Up next Joto – A Journey/Toto Tribute Band out of Knoxville Tennessee featuring Kentucky’s own Steve Rutledge Kicked it up by Rocking the Festival. Joto Did such a Wonderful Job and had the crowd singing along and was even asked to do more songs!( and of course they did! )Be sure to check them out if they come near you. They are always alot of fun!

Trent Tomlinson and his band were headlining the Festival. Trent and the guys did not disappoint! They Came on aprox. 9:30pm and the crowd was ready .They had all gathered up near the stage in anticipation . Trent came out Rocking his song “ The Next Time” and then went into “ Country is My Rock” and “Drunker Than Me” which had the whole place dancing and singing. Trent had added smoke machines that shoot up smoke for a really cool effect and the crowd loved it. They also loved Trent and the guys “dance moves” that had the girls really squilling. Trent Broke a guitar string and had some technical difficulties but the pro he is kept the show rolling. Which gave the other guys in the band a chance to shine! Colt did a great rendition of the Allman Brothers song “Whipping Post” which the crowd loved. Trent also did a great accoustic set during the show. He also performed some more of his songs off of his “Country is My Rock” CD including “Angels Like Her” “ Just Might Have Her Radio On” “One Wing In The Fire” . He Also did the Johnny Cash Favorite “Folsom Prison Blues” . He did an Encore of his song “ Hey Batter Batter” and ended the night with the Prince song “ Purple Rain” . It was a really great show . Trent always puts on a very High energy show every time and I Highly recommend seeing Trent Tomlinson and JOTO.

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Angela Richardson-Newman

Music Matters Magazine

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