Eric Church Announces New Album out TOMORROW!

image003As the world has waited for more Church, we have now found our answer. Earlier this morning Eric Church announced his new album “Desperate Man” will be released world wide tomorrow. Church gave his fan club (Church Choir) a preview of the album today. Speaking to his fans in his Church Choir Eric said this: “It’s been a while; I just want to say I have missed you. I have good news…the album is done, and we are back. It’s called Desperate Man and the first single is called ‘Desperate Man,’” Church continues, “Just like last time – just like Mr. Misunderstood – if you’re in the Church Choir, on October 5th you’re going to get the album,”

Eric Church has done things his way, just like the release of his 2015 album “Mr. Misunderstood” which went on to earn him a CMA album of the year award in 2016. Church released that album directly to his Church Choir first with not hype or promotions. Church isn’t one to be concerned about that. “Everyone is so focused on your first week. But I am more concerned with week 80 than week one.” The longevity of the album is the life of the album and Church is here to stay.

Church concludes the video message saying, “I look forward to seeing you on the road… I’m very proud of this album. See you soon.”

Stay tuned to for more information.

WATCH: Eric Church speaks to the Church Choir directly via video address to announce his new album, Desperate Man, is set for an October 5 release. Church Choir can hear its first single/title track now by logging in at Church Choir Membership includes the album.


Photo Credit: John Peets

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