Let’s Talk Ice Cream and Music with Mark Wayne Glasmire!

Since July is National Ice Cream Month and Music Matters Magazine thought what better way to find out unknown facts about one of our favorite country artist- Mark Wayne Glasmire than to discover your favorite ice cream treats and talk a little about what is going on in your world of music.

Q:What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Mark: I have always loved Strawberry the most, from the time I was a little kid.  Now I am a big kid and it is still my favorite.  I do like other kinds like Moose-tracks, Pistachio, Mint Chocolate Chip


Q: Do you prefer it in a bowl, cone, and waffle?

Mark: Wow!  Definitely a cone, when it is soft-serve and a waffle cone when it is hard ice cream.  I like the crunchy texture combined with the ice cream.


Q: How many scoops make up the perfect ice cream treat?

Mark: At least 2, although, there is this place back in PA, where I am from called Friendly’s, that makes “Reese’s Piece’s” sundaes that have about 5 scoops!  Every time I go back home I try to stop there.  It is decadent!  Peanut Butter topping, with chocolate syrup and whipped cream and nuts and Reese’s Pieces and vanilla ice cream and . . . . . it’s making me hungry!!


Q: Fruit or candy toppings? And what kinds?

Mark: As mentioned above, I do like Reese’s Pieces, but not a big topping guy.  I like whipped cream and shaved almonds.


Q: Is ice cream a year-round thing or only summer time when it’s warm?

Mark: Ice cream is NOT seasonal!!  Anytime/anywhere!


Q: Favorite ice cream shop?

Mark: Probably Marble Slab, or Friendly’s.  I even like Ben and Jerry’s “Cherry Garcia” from 7-Eleven.


Q: Do you have a favorite brand of ice cream? (Blue Bell, Eddy’s, Häagen-Dazs, etc.)

Mark: Ben and Jerry’s, Blue Bell.  There is this place in Cincinnati, called Graters, that is pretty amazing too.


Q: Is frozen yogurt just as good as ice cream?

Mark: Only when the real thing is not available.


Q: Mark, you’ve been in 11 songwriters’ contests and took away Grand Champion multiple times, can you tell us how that feels knowing your lyrics are that impactful?

Mark: Well, in all honesty, I have entered a lot more than I have won. I believe the losses make it that much more satisfying when you do get lucky enough to win.  It is extremely gratifying to know that your message touched someone or moved them.  I think that is why we write anyway?  We want to share a message that lets people know that they are not alone, or maybe give them a respite from their day.  Music and

lyrics can be so powerful.  Ironically, the songs that I have had the most success with, have been the songs that have been the easiest to write.  They almost write themselves.  I only have a handful of those, but each one is extremely special.  I have always felt that they are special gifts, that God was looking down and says, “I think you are ready for this one, so here it is!”


Q: “I’ve Got a Feeling” is your first single off your forthcoming album, CAN’T BE DENIED. What’s the story behind the song?

Mark: I co-wrote this with a friend of mine, Debi Champion, several years ago.  At the time, we were writing pretty regularly.  Debi is real easy to write with. We always had this innocent, friendly connection and good chemistry.  We typically started our sessions off, like a lot of writers do, with small talk and comparing ideas.  I don’t even remember who had the idea, but I think it was simultaneous and it led to “I had a feeling you were feeling that feeling ”  We just took it from there and thought of “love at first sight” and do we believe in such a thing?  We were both a little skeptical, but the more we discussed it the more we were convinced that it was real.  We wrote the song in one 2 hour session and then tweaked it a bit, and the rest as they say, is history.

“I’ve Got a Feeling” is a romantic tune with a boost of emotions. Is it easy for you to give a song life and character like you have with this one? I always try to write from personal experience.  I find that it is much easier than making something up.  It’s funny, because sometimes you draw on emotions that are from a past part of your life.  Remembering, as a kid, the first time I had a crush on one of the girls in my class back in junior high school. It is such a good feeling and memory!.  And then just hoping and praying that they have the same feelings for you.  I am pretty sentimental and I was raised by my parents to always think of the other persons feelings.  Things haven’t always worked out the way you would like them to, but at least you had good intentions and tired to live by the Golden Rule.  Worse case, you maybe get a song out of it! haha.


Q: When can fans expect from the album? When is release date?

Mark: I have been polling different friends and associates to get some feedback.  So far it has been very positive.  The songs on the  album run a full gambit of emotions from love at first sight, to questioning one’s own purpose in life, songs of reassurance and personal journeys.  I truly believe there is something for everyone.  Regarding the release date, it is actually available thru iTunes and select outlets now, but the OFFICAL release date is October.


Q: Any plans for a tour with this new single and album?

Mark: Yes.  I really enjoy festival dates and I got kind of a late start for 2018, for those types of venues.  I am working on some select dates now, but it is shaping up to have the bulk of the dates in 2019.

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