We Are About To Get LOUD! Interview with Ryan Bicknell of Another Day’s Armor

Blending Arena rock with borderline metal Another Day’s Armor is brining the dark storm into the rock world by force. With their latest hit “Death Investing” these guys are touring and blowing up in popularity. Ryan Bicknell (rhythm guitarist) sits down with Lauren Rye of Music Matters Magazine and talks about their unique sound, line up changes and filming their music video for “Death Investing”. You can check out the music video below!


Lauren Rye: There is a sound that feels like it is new in the metal world… Another Day’s Armor seems to have ahold of that sound. What would you call it?

Ryan: It’s hard to describe really. It’s not like we set out to write a specific sound. We basically have always looked up to all the biggest bands in the modern industry like Avenged, Bullet, Linkin Park, Slipknot, Papa Roach. So our songs somewhat resemble their work I guess. Big choruses, guitar solos, powerful riffs. We feel like no new bands are coming out now and the ones that do are all generic and sound like someone else. We feel like we’ve created a sound that is almost a lost art these days and we don’t like anyone else and don’t want to sound like anyone else.



LR: Metal has morphed and changed over the years extensively. What remains though to be one true component of metal music that defines it?


Ryan: Loud distorted guitars haha. I feel like it can’t be metal without a gnarly guitar tone.



LR: ADA doesn’t want to be just another band in the lineup… tell the music world what and who ADA is.


Ryan: Another Day’s Armor wants to be the biggest band in the world. And we won’t stop until we get there.



LR: The band has had some lineup changes recently. How have these changes been a positive move for the band as a whole?


Ryan: Yeah, we had to replace our vocalist this winter. At first, it was definitely a scary change being that he’s the voice of the band and arguably the most important part of a band. But we got super lucky and found Logan like 2 weeks later and it was the perfect fit. He’s an incredible lyricist and melody writer but on top of that, he’s an awesome friend and anytime the whole band gets together it’s a blast.



LR: For each band member please when answering start with your first and last name before responding. Introduce each band member if you will. Tell us what you play, how you got started with that particular instrument, what have been some of your influencers over the years and if you could play any metal tune live and on stage what metal song would it be?


Ryan: Well being that I’m not with the other guys now I’ll introduce them but I can’t really go to into depth without potentially lying lol so here’s this.

Logan Manganelli- Vocals

Nick Palma- Lead Guitar

Joe Grunski- Bass

Alec Keshishian- Drums

And myself, Ryan Bicknell- Rhythm Guitar/Back up Vocals

-Growing up I always loved rock music so naturally, I wanted to play it and just gravitated towards the guitar. I was always inspired by Synyster Gates, Matt Heafy, James Hetfield, Matt Tuck and countless more. As for one song I could play on stage, it would really depend on my mood at the time. There are too many great songs to choose from.



LR: Talk a bit about the song/music video “Death Investing” interesting title. 


Ryan: We basically wanted to write a darker song musically and usually, if the instrumentals are dark the lyrics will follow suit. So lyrically it’s just about people who think they can get over on you and get away with whatever they want. So “Death Investing” you’re behavior is basically just investing in your demise. (No Logan isn’t a murderer, it’s a metaphor haha)



LR: Who did you work with on mixing, engineering and producing?


Ryan: Shaun and Dylan Werle at Three Birds Studio



LR: How about the imagery and filming of the video?


Ryan: Again we just wanted to match the darker vibe so we went black and red for band shots and hung a sole spotlight above for individual shots.



LR: What is it about this song out of the new music that you felt it should be the lead to come first?


Ryan: It just made sense. It spoke to us and it’s definitely the most straightforward song on the EP. It’s the most similar to our last two releases and with a new singer being introduced we didn’t want to release something that would kinda scare people that we changed our sound. And we didn’t we just made it better.



LR: Are we going to be able to expect more singles? EP perhaps? If so when might we?


Ryan: Right now a couple things have to fall into place but we have a full EP ready to go and have plans for it but as of now we’re are just working on the PR for “Death Investing.” 



LR: What does touring look like coming up?


Ryan: No tours lined up just yet. We’re definitely ready to go on the road though and pretty much chomping at the bit to do so haha



LR: You have been on some pretty well-known stages with notable bands, Trivium recently right? What is something you have observed as a band about other bands that have felt like… this is good advice to check out?


Ryan: Yeah, we’re playing with Trivium and Bad Omens at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY on July 27th which is tomorrow as I fill this interview out lol so I can’t speak for them just yet so I’ll have to get back to you on that one.



LR: Where can your fans find out and hear more?


Ryan: Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Go on our website www.anotherdaysarmor.com and follow all of our personal social pages too. Death Investing is out on all digital platforms now! 



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