Lullwater’s Supercharged Feels for the 90’s Grunge Creates a Cover for Pearl Jam’s Single “Release” & INTERVIEW

Alternative Rock band Lullwater recently released their official music video for cover song “Release” by one of rocks greatest bands; Pearl Jam. “The entire experience of recording Pearl Jam’s ‘Release’ in London Bridge Studios was so surreal. Pearl Jam is one of my favorite bands and to cover that song in the same room as they did, was very emotional for me. I had no idea that a couple of years later we would be performing it live with Dave Krusen and Kevin Martin on the Candlebox tour; it’s such an odd and incredible feeling of living and experiencing the moments we’ve made because of ‘Release.’ It’s by far the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me as a musician. Thinking back to when I was in my adolescent years playing that song over and over and then one day to be performing it live with the original drummer, is simply crazy for me. ‘Release’ has a special place in my heart and is one of my favorite songs to play live.” – John Strickland (Vocals/Guitar) Without any more stalling here is what John had to say about Lullwater, Pearl Jam and more!
Laurie Dix: What is it about that period of time, the 90’s music, that really grabbed hold of everyone and meant something emotionally deeper?
John Strickland: the Seattle music scene of the 90s was the soundtrack of my youth and has always been a big influence on me as a musician and vocalist. I was captivated by Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, and Layne Staley. Not only by their melodies, but the lyrical content resonated with me and does to this day. I feel like that era of music is so genuine and raw and is definitely an influence on our music.
LD: Why the Pearl Jam song “Release” and how did the idea come together?
John Strickland: It’s one of my favorite PJ songs. It’s a very emotional song for me. It reminds me of my dad, whom has always been there for me and I think of him every time we play this song. We also wanted to do a PJ cover in the same studio “Ten” was recorded in. It was a magical experience to be able to record “Release” at London Bridge Studios where one of my favorite bands created one of my favorite records.
Click HERE to watch the music video!
LD: There are so many bands from that era that created music that came from the soul. Who are some of the other bands from that period that you felt brought that same sense of emotion to what they created?
JS: Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Candlebox. Touring with Candlebox for 8 weeks a couple of years ago brought back a lot of memories for me and was kinda of a surreal experience. Kevin Martin and Dave Krusen are legends to me so it was really cool to not only play shows with them but to form a friendship after spending that much time on the road. Kevin has some serious soul and it shows every show he plays. 
LD: What does the sound mix of swagger/southern infused/grunge sound like and feel like? Would those words describe your sound best?
JS: we never really considered ourselves a southern sounding band but people seem to hear that in our music and at live shows. I’m very proud of the southern music and if we create a new kind of southern-infused grunge I wouldn’t consider that a bad thing.  
LD: Talk about some of the other music you have spinning, how about what is on the album Voodoo?
Voodoo is unreleased at the moment. We are in the process of getting strategies in order and the business side of things prepped for a winter release. The record, in my opinion, is the best of Lullwater. We matured on this record and with the help of Jakob Hermann and Justin Davis (producers/engineers) I feel like we all worked together to create something new for us. 
LD: Where can we find Lullwater the rest of this year and what can we expect?
JS: hopefully touring and gearing up for the release of Voodoo! 

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