Violet Days set to release Made In My Head this month

Swedish synth-pop artist Violet Days, who is getting ready to release their much anticipated EP, Made In My Head, at the end of the month. Violet Days, founded in 2010 by Lina Hansson has already received Rookie Songwriter/Producer of the year at the Denniz Pop Awards 2015. With the embodiment of the album delivering a strong sense of seasoned writing and experience Violet Days is what the world has needed.

qlvingb9od1527629750A story of love, searching and finding, fear of love and the loss of it. The album beholds all that Violet Days feels. It’s in the name Made In My Head, and with the debut single Somber and follow up Just A Little and Leave But Don’t Go its going to be very interesting to see the journey Violet Days takes as the sore to the top of the pop charts. Their latest single off the upcoming album is Leave But Don’t Go which can be seen here!



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