Whiskey Myers to Perform at Manchester Music Hall 11/16

Whiskey Myers is performing in Lexington Kentucky November 16th 7pm at Manchester Music Hall! Texas born, Whiskey Myers is creating ground breaking music that resonates with the listeners in ways that Garth Brooks shook country music in the 90’s. This gritty southern country ensemble delivers a raw straight from the heart and memory of where they’re from and real life. With hits like “Ballad of A Southern Man” and “Virginia” they have packed tons of great songs into their set list to give a night of pure entertainment.

“Where you come from and where you grew up influences your music a lot,” says Cannon. “As a band, we don’t go into the studio with any preconceived theme. You just sit down and you write and the songs come out naturally.”

Whiskey Myers is reshaping the music world and in ways fans have asked for, for years. Be sure not to miss out on this great show! You don’t live close to Kentucky? We have that covered also! Whiskey Myers is on their Fall ’18 Tour and wish a tour stop almost every day until December 9th your bound to be able to make it! Just remember shows are selling out fast so get your tickets while they last. You can check out their website HERE



Here is the song that had me HOOKED on Whiskey Myers! ENjoy!!

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