Whiskey Myers photo and review LIVE from Manchester Music Hall


92Whiskey Myers is a southern country/Red Dirt/Rock band…an influence of Waylon and Willie and also CCR. These guys are bringing a style of music to the country music spotlight in their own way. From Tyler Texas, this band of musicians has released their third album, “Early Morning Shakes” and with it, a #1 Hit on the iTunes Country Chart. Touring non-stop, Whiskey Myers has become a sensation that is taking country back to it’s roots.

Sold out shows are the norm, with Whiskey Myers rolling into towns all across the world. To be specific, Lexington, Kentucky was just one of the many sold out shows with fans lined up for blocks to drink a cold one and enjoy some real, down home, country music. Manchester Music Hall has been THE spot in Lexington for music. A venue with a rustic vibe that is a mood setter all in itself.

Opening for Whiskey Myers was a band that really lit a fire in the jam packed crow: C2 and The Brothers Reed. The hometown group performed, giving it their all. Vocals and Bass – Cameron Clark, Guitar – Kelly Reed, Keys – James Weishar,  Drums – Kody Reed. With they’re songs like “Stereo”, “Smoking Gun”, and “Karma” they gained a lot of fans that night. Their eccentric performance, and Cameron’s psychedelic-like stage presence enticed fans to lose themselves in the long guitar solos and instrumental segments.  These guys are going to be headliners on their own big tours soon enough.


With fans energized and pumped up, the house music slowly dies down as the lights start to illuminate the stage, and the band takes their rightful spots. Lead by lead singer Cody Cannon, Whiskey Myers was relentless all night long. From Cody Tate’s first chord to the last hit of Jeff Hogg’s drums, this was a lively and entertaining show. With three albums under their belts they have a huge array of songs to put together a show full of hits and fan favorites.

“Early Morning Shakes”, “Mud”, and “Stone” were a few of Whiskey Myers hits that mesmerized fans as they sung along. Whiskey Myers is made up of:

Cody Cannon – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Cody Tate – Lead Guitar, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

John Jeffers – Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Vocals

Jeff Hogg – Drums

Jamey Gleaves – Bass

Tony Kent – Percussion, Cowbell, Keys


This show really set the bar for what a concerts energy level should make a fan feel. It was a performance, not just a concert. Seeing Cody vocalize his strong voice with John and Jamey playing their hearts out putting their all into every note they strummed. Not one member stayed in place, as they jumped, and drummed with expressions of intensity. This, paired with the deafening fans all around singing along with every song, swaying to the riffs of the guitar solos made the atmosphere on of the greatest live performance shows I’ve ever attended.

My personal favorites of the night were “Broken Window Serenade”, ” Ballad Of A Southern Man”, and my absolute favorite “Virginia”. These guys blew me away! I like to think that the music Whiskey Myers writes is a anthem to their lives.

“Earthquakes and Hurricanes
And slow movin’ freight trains
Girl that’s how,
You make me feel sometimes

But you were gone away from here
So far my dear
Up by that northern state line”

“Where you come from and where you grew up influences your music a lot,” says Cannon. “As a band, we don’t go into the studio with any preconceived theme. You just sit down and you write and the songs come out naturally.”

Music is what resonates in the hearts and souls of people. It’s what keeps their souls alive and wanting more. The lyrics that are drafted on paper and have been put to music are  shared with the world by the likes of Whiskey Myers. It is altering (in the most needed way) to country music. Their ability to create music that is so impactful to fans is what gives these guys a edge that sells out venues world wide.

Overall, I would rate this show a solid 10/10. There was nothing lacking, left out or uninteresting. Do yourself a service and get your tickets early to catch this band on tour near you. Be sure to check out their site for news, tour dates, and info here at Whiskey Myers.




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