“It’s Christmas Time“: Interview With Scott Wilson of Saving Abel

“It’s Christmas Time, It’s Christmas Time” and all through the house everyone was “Addicted” to Saving Abel! Today we have Scott Wilson with us giving us some Christmas talk.
Ryan: Christmas is a time for joy and happiness to spend with friends and family. How do you plan to spend your Christmas this year?
Scott: I am very Excited to be home here in Colorado Springs this year. I will be with my amazing fiancé and I are three Legged wonder puppy Sadie. We will have our morning ceremonious or breakfast followed by a family gathering. Did I mention I like football?
What are your favorite festivities
surrounding Christmas?
I love to bake cookies. Gather with friends and family and eat them. Did I mention I like football?
Let’s settle the debate: when should someone put up their christmas tree?
If you’re me you put it up when you’re home from tour as close to Thanksgiving as possible. If you’re everyone else you should put it up as close to Thanksgiving as possible.while watching football. Hahaha
What is the best gift you’ve received for Christmas?
I got a “YES” from my fiancé when I proposed to her.
What song(s) get you in the Christmas spirit?
All of the classic Elvis Christmas selection. We used to grow up listening to that every Christmas morning on our record player as a family while opening gifts.
Would you consider creating a Christmas album? If so, what songs would you include, or would they be originals?
Yes I would love to do a Christmas album. A few years ago Hugo Ferrera and I created an arrangement of we three Kings. We had a blast doing it and the best part was he had never heard the song before we started it. I do love a lot of the old hymns from olden times. I think it would be great to put a hipster spin on them.
Rank your top favorite Christmas themed movies
Christmas Vacation Earnest saves Christmas Elf Scrooged Rudolf Grinch Nightmare before Christmas Gremlins Home Alone Happy Days (Christmas Episodes)
Does your family have any Christmas traditions that are unique?
Every year we force each other to eat the fruit cake that was sent to us the previous year. We save it in our basement until the coveted Christmas Day.
With Christmas comes cold weather and snow. Do you like enjoy the cold weather? Snow?
I absolutely love 90° and up weather. However if I find myself up in enough clothes I can brave the Colorado elements and go snowboarding.
Did you build a snowman when it were a kid?
Yes I love building snowman. Often times we would build them and then run them over with our motorcycles. 
Thank you to Scott Wilson for taking the time to talk with us and be sure to check out Saving Abel on social media for tour dates and news. These guys ROCK out in a live show!

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