“It’s Christmas Time”: an Interview with After The Calm

“It’s Christmas Time, It’s Christmas Time” and all the guys from After The Calm we’re excited for Christmas! Today After The Calm is our guest to chat about Christmas movies, traditions and more!

Ryan: Christmas is a time for joy and happiness to spend with friends and family. How do you plan to spend your Christmas this year?

Jonathan Habermacher – I’m pretty consistent from year to year, I have my mom, sister, and grandma in my direct family that live about an hour drive away so I go to my mom’s house and spend the day with them. We exchange a few presents, less now that we all are adults, but my mom always stocks our stockings fully with the same thing have had since we were kids. Sometimes there are some friend stuff for Christmas Eve but not always.

Henry Cota – I have a big family. Mom’s, dad’s, grandparents and the lady’s family. Lots of driving and even more food.

David Nunez – We open presents, eat and then maybe watch a movie at the theatres. This year I’ll be included in my girlfriends Christmas and I’m excited to see their traditions.

Logan Miracle – This is actually the second Christmas with my wife and son so we’re just starting our own traditions. I guess I’m dealing with the transition of always getting gifts to being Santa myself.


What are your favorite festivities surrounding Christmas?

Jonathan Habermacher – I always enjoy New Years because the band almost always gets together and plays live at a family members house or sometimes a paid event. We gather all our close friends and just have a blast.

Henry Cota – Glendale Glitters with my family is fun, just anything outside with Christmas lights and activities.

David Nunez – I love the lights, everything about them gets me excited and I can stare at them all night.

Logan Miracle – I just love spending time at home with family. My life is very busy with not a lot of free time so it’s nice to relax and just celebrate.


Let’s settle the debate: when should someone put up their Christmas tree?

Jonathan Habermacher – MAN!!! This could question could start a massive debate. I think after Thanksgiving is over, Christmas can start. I hate hearing any Christmas music in between Halloween and Thanksgiving. My family is a bit lazy so we are lucky to get the tree up a week before Christmas. My sister would play X-mas music as much as possible so we made a rule where she couldn’t play X-mas music until after Thanksgiving.

Henry Cota – Dec 1. When I’m president if anyone put the tree up in November I will send them to Lake Titicaca.

David Nunez – Sometime IN December. Also, it should be a tradition to decorate it as a family.

Logan Miracle – Definitely after Thanksgiving. I’d say the second week of December.


What is the best gift you’ve received for Christmas?


Jonathan Habermacher – A bit ago my sister gave me a really nice Skagen watch and it matched how I prefer to present myself as a person. Very sleek and efficient and no dazzle.

Henry Cota – A gift card for QT. Everyone knows I love that place and it was put to good use.

David Nunez – No such thing because you never just want one thing that can satisfy you forever. As a kid it was game systems, a teenager I loved music equipment, and as adult I like things that keep me alive lol.

Logan Miracle – Christmas 2001. My parents got my brothers and I a new Nintendo 64. I just remember playing Mario and Donkey Kong all day for weeks after that with my older brother. I think it was more the memories that the gift brought was more valuable than the gift itself.


What song(s) get you in the Christmas spirit?

Jonathan Habermacher – The main song I remember as a kid was Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer. I always have loved comedy so anything that makes me laugh, I’ll like.

Henry Cota – Baby it’s cold outside just because it’s now banned.

David Nunez – “What’s this?” from the Nightmare before Christmas.

Logan Miracle – I’m honestly not a holiday music guy. I don’t know what it is. A Day To Remember had a Christmas song once. Does that count?


Rank your top favorite Christmas themed movies

Jonathan Habermacher – Every year my family watches Home Alone 1 and 2. Loved them since I was a kid and it is a tradition that stuck.

Henry Cota – 3. Home Alone. 2. Elf. 1. Christmas Vacation.

David Nunez – 1. Christmas Vacation 2. Home Alone 2  3. Elf

Logan Miracle – 1. Home Alone Two 2. Elf 3. A Christmas Story


Does your family have any Christmas traditions that are unique?

Jonathan Habermacher – Great transition! I just mentioned how we watch Home Alone 1 and 2 every year as a family during Christmas day. Sometimes we don’t get through both movies but we do our best to.

Henry Cota – We make tamales at an aunt’s house and when it’s done we take a bunch home.

David Nunez – We wrap presents for the kids on a night the kids are out and put on our favorite Christmas movies in the background.

Logan Miracle – Ever since I could remember I would always watch A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve every year with my mother.


With Christmas comes cold weather and snow. Do you like enjoy the cold weather? Snow?

Jonathan Habermacher – I have lived in Arizona my entire life, what is this “Snow” you talk about??? I was lucky enough to visit my cousins, Uncles, and Aunts in Ohio as a kid during winter so I have had some experience with cold weather and snow. I really enjoy the winter here in AZ because it is the only time to wear any kind of beanies and jackets. I enjoy the cold weather but I do not think that I could ever live in it.

Henry Cota – I was born in January so I believe I was made to be in the cold weather. Snow not so much, I can tolerate it but we don’t get any in Phoenix so I’m not use to it.

David Nunez – I love to visit the snow lol. If I had to shovel it and all of that other stuff then no. Cold I can deal with because you can always wear more layers of clothing.

Logan Miracle – I was born and raised my entire life in AZ. Therefore I despise anything colder than 60°F.


Did you build a snowman when you were a kid?

Jonathan Habermacher – Yes, sometimes when we were kids our family would drive to Colorado in the winter to experience real cold and real snow. We didn’t have many chances to build snowman but my sister and I gave it a try a few times.

Henry Cota – On a family trip to Flagstaff as a child we built a snowman, wasn’t like how you see on TV. Oddly shaped and the snow was dirty.

David Nunez – I built a hail man lol. In Phoenix, we got a bunch of hail and so that was when I had my first crack at it.

Logan Miracle – Once when I was a little kid. I was up in Flagstaff with my family and I made one with my brother. I only remember that day cause afterward I slammed hard on a sled going down a hill with my dad.

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