“It’s Christmas Time”: an Interview With The Weather Kings

“It’s Christmas Time, it’s Christmas Time” and we are chatting with The Weather Kings today about the holidays and what their Christmas festivities are for this year and years past!

What are your favorite festivities surrounding Christmas?

Playing music has to be first on the list because, well, Weather King is about music. And there is something especially uplifting about singing carols as a group. And it’s one of the few times that the guys get to wear keyboard scarfs, which they really look forward to all year.


Christmas is a time for joy and happiness to spend with friends and family. How do you plan to spend your Christmas this year?

Again, music—guitars, singing, lots of notes, maybe a house concert or two. And the keyboard scarfs.


Let’s settle the debate: when should someone put up their christmas tree?

The Weather Kings are minimalists, so we prefer a wreath. However, whether it is a wreath or a tree, it must never go up until after Thanksgiving—Halloween is too early. And it has to be a real tree.


What is the best gift you’ve received for Christmas?

It might sound kind of corny, but good news of any kind is especially memorable and uplifting when it comes at Christmas time.


What song(s) get you in the Christmas spirit?

Any Christmas song sung by Nat King Cole. That man can sing. No further explanation needed.


Would you consider creating a Christmas album? If so, what songs would you include, or would they be originals?

Both. There’s a reason some Christmas songs have been immensely popular for decades. We would include these, with our own interpretation, and we would add originals that we would hope would also have some longevity.


Rank your top favorite Christmas themed movies

Our first through third top favorites would be Christmas Vacation. We can’t explain it.


With Christmas comes cold weather and snow. Do you like enjoy the cold weather? Snow?

We’re in Texas, so cold weather is anything less than 85 degrees. We like it when its less than 85 degrees.


Did you build a snowman when it were a kid?

It was more a snow creature of some sort, but it was definitely made of snow.


Does your family have any Christmas traditions that are unique?

We make buckeyes. I can’t explain it, buckeyes are just really good. So lots of buckeyes.

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