Aftermath’s Charlie Tsiolis Talks Touring, New Singles and Writing Process

How long have you all been together as Aftermath?

Charlie: We originally formed on Halloween 1985. We then broke up in 1996. Reformed in 2014 to do a festival in Germany and decided to write some new music.

If you would introduce yourselves. Name, what you play, former or other bands you are or were in?

Charlie: Kyriakos “Charlie” Tsiolis – vocals

Steve Sacco – guitar

Ray Schmidt – drums

George Lagis – bass

Steve, Ray and I also played in a band called Mother God Moviestar and released a self-titled record on Interscope back in 1998.


Your “Smash Reset Control” song can you discuss the imagery and what triggered its writing?

Charlie: The song is part of a concept record. The imagery is trying to get the point across that the puppets in the WH are not the ones in control. The real power behind them, the people and organizations you don’t see are really controlling everything, we argue about right or left; Democrat or Republican and none of that matters. What really matters is the need to change the way the system works. Time to Smash the current power structure, reset the old way of thinking and take control. I have basically been feeling this way for decades and didn’t even realize it. Going back to our 1987 demo Killing the Future – the lyrics are basically talking about the same thing. I just didn’t think of it at a deeper level back then. It’s been about 5 years now that I have really looked into all these different things – really studied what is going on and finally understood that everything we are taught through the establishment channels is a lie.

Aftermath “Smash Reset Control” (Official Music Video):

Who is the lyricist in the band? What does each member bring to the writing table?

Charlie: I write all the lyrics. The guys in the band all bring a different element that makes the music sound the way it does. We all have different influences and life experiences that play a role in the songs we write. The different views combine to create what I believe is why we sound so original. If we all listened to the same bands and lived the same lives, then the music would be derivative.


Are you going to be able to hit the road pretty soon and tour? If so, where might your fans find you?

Charlie: At this stage we are hoping to get on some of the summer festivals in the US and Europe. If the right tour came along we would to do it. We are looking into those options now.

Next single already in the works?

Charlie: The next single is for a song called Diethanasia. It will be released when the album is released. We just filmed the video and it is currently being edited.

Any EP or full length possibly in 2019?

Charlie: The forthcoming record is an 11 song concept record called There is Something Wrong and follows up our debut Eyes of Tomorrow. We are looking to release it right around the beginning of the year. It is a blend of our crossover roots and our technical/progressive thrash side.

If you could choose the perfect tour lineup, who would you like to tour with?

Charlie: There are so many great bands that we would love to tour with obviously a tour opening for Metallica would be perfect. Any of our peers from the early days like Testament, or Exodus. Voivod would a great tour since I am a big fan of them.

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