Puddle of Mudd with 710OIL and Mick Blankenship at Boathouse Live in Newport News, Virginia January 10, 2019

Fans were not disappointed at the Puddle of Mudd show held at the relatively new venue, Boathouse Live in Newport News, Virginia. There were many locals present, musicians and fans alike, who came to see 710OIL, one of the openers, after a months-long hiatus from the local stages. Frontman Chris Johnson took a leave of absence to have some neck surgery but was back full force this night, complete with his hair slinging (surely much to the disapproval of his doctor).

Next up was Mick Blankenship, a hard hitting rock/metal artist out of Cincinnati, Ohio who did not disappoint as an opening act. Some might argue that they were the hit of the night as both Mick and guitarist Larry Beaven made it hard for the photographers to keep track of them. Mick recorded his first full-length album, Crown of Apathy, a year ago and played several tracks from it.

Puddle of Mudd took the stage and pulled the crown in. Already excited from the previous performances, they sang along and cheered Wes and his crew who played much of the favorites including a mashup of Control and a cover of War Pigs from Black Sabbath.


Mick Blankenship

Puddle of Mudd

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