Jaden Kirby Talks New Single, Studio Time and More

We recently had the chance to speak with Jaden Kirby. Jaden, 16 from Burlington, Kentucky has released her debut single at the start of the year “Learning To Let Go”. This talented young lady gave Music Matters some of her time to talk about what is important to her, the support of her family, her originality, and reactions to her very first single.

Ryan Pike: Hi Jaden! It’s great to talk with you today, I’ve heard a lot about you. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and influences?

Jaden Kirby: I’m from the small town of Burlington I grew up here my whole life. I’ve been influenced at a young age by artist like Johnny Cash, Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift. I knew my dream was possible when she came into the scene because she was young when she started.

(In regards of being an artist) Its been a way to express my own feeling as well as communicate with other people.


RP: So, Burlington Kentucky. That’s the same hometown as Zack Shelton. As I understand you guys have been working in the studio working on music. How has it been working with Zack?

Jaden: Working with Zack is absolutely phenomenal, he has giving me so much confidence in my self and my music abilities. He has helped me discover the song writing ability I didn’t even know that I had till I stated to work with him. He’s shown me how to twist words to make them more powerful and resinate with listeners.

Growing up with a Chior background I know the music terminology and it’s helped applying that I what I’ve learned.


RP: So let’s talk a minute about your new single “Learning To Let Go”. How has the reaction from fans been?

Jaden: The response has been phenomenal so far. 250 views on YouTube, a lot of shares on Facebook, hundreds of streams on Spotify, it’s been pre ordered on Amazon before it’s release.

Also, a radio station in England actually played it a couple times by request which I was flabbergasted about.


RP: let’s talk about Learning To Let Go” is a Great debut single. It’s a single that shows off your raw vocals that really delivers the message. Did you write or co-write the track?

Jaden: I actually did almost as far as that one. Zack helped me work on words to go with the flow and create the instrumentals. A lot of the lyrics were my own because it was something very personal for me. I was learning to learn how to let go of someone really close to my family. She wasn’t doing well because of cancer and I knew it was going to be hard to live withou her. I put my heart into it with the emotions I was feeling and it came out in about an hour session.


RP: When I listen to it, I thought of it more of a break up song but I can see both meanings knowin that.

Jaden: A lot of people would. Given the situation I’ve been in and having gone through a break up recently I can see where that comes from. Or friends who aren’t there for you anymore. It’s all up to the listener at that point in that sense. But it’s a lot learning to let go of people who have passed on and trying to get closure with that.


RP: Is your family supportive of your music?

Jaden: My family is absolutely thrilled with it. My mother is probably my biggest supporter. She’s part of the reason I even signed up with Zack because she found out he was giving guitar lessons and that’s how I found Zack and this whole thing started. My mom and dad are very supportive and telling all their friends about it. Inviting them places. My family couldn’t be more overjoyed with it.


RP: Do you play any instruments?

Jaden: I do play, I play guitar. I’ve been focused on my writing but I play and dabble with the piano.


RP: Since your single debuted at the start of the year, any ideas when our EP will be released?

Jaden: Hoping to release my EP by June but if it’s not out by then I’ll have another single out before June.


RP: Do you happen to know what our next single would be?

Jaden: I do! The next single would be “Jack and Sally”. It’s a break up son and it’s my favorite by far.


RP: Let me hitnyou with some quick questions that lets fans k ow some stuff that’s not music related.

Warm weather or cold?

Jaden: Warm Weather. The only thing about the cold I like is snow boarding. I would rather much be in the heat.

Favorite Drink?

I’m controversial with this but I’m a RC Cola person myself, which around here is unheard of.

Favorite song?

Jaden: Hell On Heels by the Pistol Annies.

Favorite movie?

Jaden: Terminator 2


Early bird or night owl?

Jaden: Night owl, that’s when all the fun happens.


Favorite desert?

Jaden: Chocolate Moose


Favorite Color?

Jaden: Green. Anything to do with nature so green.


Outdoors or indoors or a kind of person?

Jaden: outdoors as often as possible. I am the fishing hiking kind of person.


What about sports?

Jaden: I’m a Track Runner, an Archer, Snowboarder, and I dabble in Baseball.


We want to thank Jaden Kirby for taking the time to talk with us about her music and her journey. Be sure to go check out her social media’s for any live shows and if you haven’t yet be sure to check her out anywhere music is available or check out the video below of her single “Learning To Let Go”!

















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