The Struts May 16, 2019 at The NorVa in Norfolk, Virginia

Like so many of the opening acts that come to the NorVa, Des Rocs could just as easily have been a headliner. Not to take anything away from The Struts who headlined this night, but those who came only for the main act missed out on a great performance. Think of a more energetic and bluesy version of Elvis, armed with a Stratocaster. More distortion and less hip swaying – more playful and less seductive, and you’ve got Danny Rocco. He wore a playful grin as soon as he took the stage and he owned that stage for the rest of the performance.

I met him after the show and told him how much I enjoyed his act and he responded in an honestly humble way and simply said he played anywhere that will let him. Well, I hope he finds a lot of places that will let him.

One of my recent favorites, The Struts is one of those must-see bands. Although all four of the members do their parts in the band quite well, it’s Luke Spiller that steals your visual and aural attention for the entire show. His vocals are particularly engaging as so many singers with an accent other than American English still sound “American” while singing, Luke retains that strong British accent and it, and what he does with his vocals, keep you totally engaged as if his dancing and moving on the stage with his somewhat flamboyant attire haven’t already captured you.

It can be a challenge when there’s only one lead player on the stage but The Struts always pull it off with Adam Slack having no slack in the lead department. His engaging smile is usually seen in concert with his 1965 Les Paul Jr. in hand. A simple yet classic sounding instrument.

Although the show was not a sellout, the vast majority of the crowd there was completely engaged and sang along to even the newer songs on the list. It was obvious they were seasoned fans. I met a young lady who drove three hours to see them and had the same sparkles on her face as Luke had for the night.

If you haven’t seen The Struts. Just go do it!

The Struts set list from

Primadonna Like Me
Body Talks
Kiss This
In Love with the Camera
Fire (Part 1)
Dirty Sexy Money
The Ol’ Switcheroo
One Night Only
I Do it Well
Bulletproof Baby
Mary Go Round
Put Your Money on Me
Where Did She Go
Don’t Stop Me Now
Ashes (Part 2)
Could Have Been Me

Des Rocs

The Struts



The Struts Kiss This Video

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