The Royal Hounds : New Album-Low Class Songs For High Class People

The Royal Hounds : Low Class Songs For High
Class People
The Nashville Based Trio The Royal Hounds have done it again! Their new album “Low Class Songs For High Class People” is available now! It is their 3rd album and its just as fun as the other two!
You can’t help but Love this album. In a world full of bad things happening its nice to just put on a fun upbeat energetic CD and this is what The Royal Hounds have done again with this new album.
The Royal Hounds are a very unique band with a different sound infusing Honky Tonk and Rockabilly. I have several favorites on this album already including “ Whackity Do” ( Be sure to check out their video for this song too its wonderfully done). “ The Walk” ( a good boogie song) “ Tweakers from Outer Space” ( you know with a name like that you gotta check it out! ) Im also really glad they added the popular “ Ghost Riders In The Sky” song as they perform it in concert to rousing applause and they do a great rendition of it too. They have two instrumental songs on this album showcasing their amazing guitar work. “ Manteiga Braganca” and “Pororoca” both wonderfully done. Be sure and check out the Royal hounds and add this fun album to your collection.!

The Royal Hounds: Low Class Songs for High Class People
songs include:
1. The Walk
2. Whackity Do
3. The Parthenon
4. Pororoca
5. Tweakers From Outer Space
6. Pizza Party
7. Road Scholar
8. Manteiga Braganca
9. Herbie The Butterfly
10. Chinese Bufffet
11. Ghost Riders In The Sky
Angela Richardson-Newman Music Matters Magazine .

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