Enuff Z’Nuff/Pump5/Charlie Bonnet Plays Knoxville Tn To Rockin Crowd

Enuff Z’Nuff Rocks Knoxville Tennessee First Time in Years!

Enuff Z’Nuff brought their Rock show to The Concourse in Knoxville Tennessee January 24th. 2020. People came from all over for this show. Kentucky, North Carolina, Chattanooga and Maryville among others.
Opening the show was Charlie Bonnet lll & The Folkin Gasholes. Featuring Charlie Bonnet lll (Singer/Guitarist) Ceth Carter(Bass) & Fill In Drummer Keith Feulner (Drums) . Drummer Shane was out for medical reasons. Charlie takes the stage wearing his signature black hat and had his stool with his gas can sitting on it. ( still havent asked whats in there). Him and the guys wasted no time kicking off the night and getting to the Rock! They have quite a following in the Knoxville Area and made more fans that night as I heard people say this was their first show but not their last. Some of my favorites songs they do are “ Sinner With a Song” “Hillbilly Rock Star” “ Too Drive To Drunk” & Waiting On Time”. They Have a new song called ” Fair-Weather Friend” sounds great too . Be sure to check them out. Always fun anytime they play. (Photos at bottom)
Next up was So. Cal band Pump5 ! Having met the singer in Nashville Tn. the prior year I was eager to hear them live and they did not disappoint. They Hit the stage running and Rocked! Lead Singer Steven Barnett was all over that stage and had the fans screaming and fist pumping and jumping along to every song. Bassist Andrew Cates and Andre Bonter Keeping the Beat Rocking as the fans went wild. Guitarist Alex Kane was a wild man Jumping all around. I wish I had his energy. During their set Singer Steven Barnett was doing pushups on stage and jumping off the stage into the photo pit and singing to the fans. The audience LOVED them. I was told later the owner wants the guys back he loved them so much. I would love to see these guys here again. Their CD Titled “Full service” check it out! you can find them at http://www.pump5band.com (Photos Below)
Next up was Enuff ZNuff.
As I recall Enuff Z’Nuff Hasn’t played Knoxville in Years. It was a Blast getting to see them again. Vocals are now done by Bassist and founding member Chip Znuff. All the Guys did a Great job. Tory Stoffregen (Guitar) Dan Hill (Drums) Alex Kane( Guitar) who was doing double duty as he had played an earlier set with Pump5 and still had TONS of energy! Chip comes out in his signature round pink sunglasses and a big pink hat. A red coat and a fluorescent bright green scarf and black pants . The fans still were jumping and shaking the barricade with delight. Hands held high in the air. As Chip Pointed out they have played bigger venues but Knoxville Definitely Rocked Harder. At One Point in the Show Tory was Drinking wine from a bottle he had and Chip was behind him/against him they were playing each others instruments and had the crowd going wild! They played a little bit of everything , but of course the crowd LOVED when they ended the night with their famous songs ” Fly High Michelle” and ” New Thing” . They also ended the night being joined on stage by Charlie Bonnet, Steve Barnett & Andre Bonter ( Pump5) to sing along! It Really was a Great night of music All 3 bands were Excellent! (note : all 3 bands used the same drum kit). to keep up with them go to http://www.enuffznuff.com Angela Richardson -Newman Music Matters Magazine

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